8 Compliments that it’s best to avoid, or may be taken as insults

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Everyone loves to be complimented but women are pretty good, sometimes, at reading more into words spoken, than is really meant. Even the most well-intentioned, innocent of comments can be misunderstood and leave the giver of the so-called compliment wondering what on earth they have said wrong. Some compliments though are easier than others to take the wrong way, so here are eight compliments that it’s best to avoid, or they may be taken as insults:

1. You have a great personality

What’s wrong with that? It sounds like a perfect complement to give someone, but it’s easily taken the wrong way. A girl might be a really intelligent, fun loving girl, but she still wants to know that she looks gorgeous. So what are you saying here? May be something like: ‘Don’t worry that you haven’t got the looks, your personality make up for it?’

2. You are lovely and cuddly

Cuddly, is a bad word! Cuddly means chubby at best or even fat at worst. Cuddly also kind of suggests a lack of intelligence. You’re basically comparing a girl to something like a teddy bear. Something that is soft, squeezable and not exactly smart.

3. You’re my pretty little thing

‘Nope, I’m neither little, I’m not an inanimate object, nor do you own me!’ – this is how your girl might react on this compliment. A compliment that suggests ownership of a girl is going to offend, however sweet you might think it sounds.

4. You scrub up well

Ok, so we know what you mean here, but wouldn’t ‘you look beautiful tonight’, be a bit better? What you’re really saying to a lady with this compliment is that she usually looks a complete mess, but she’s made a bit of an effort, for a change.

5. You’re a special kind of person, you’re different

No one likes to be told that they are abnormal, and that’s just what this compliment does. It’s really going to get a girl wondering what’s wrong with her, rather than making her feel good about herself.

6. I love a girl who enjoys her food

Anything to do with food, weight or eating is an absolute no-no! Whatever you say about eating is not going to go down well. You’ll be saying she’s overweight, too skinny or perhaps she’s even a messy eater. You can’t win in this one, so avoid it altogether.

7. You know how to have a good time

If a guy was expecting some bedroom action tonight, then he has just blown his chances with this compliment. The whole idea of suggesting that a girl is a good time gal is a bad one. It suggests all night drinking sessions and somewhat loose morals!

8. I can’t believe you’re single

If you are trying to tell a girl that she’s beautiful, then this is the wrong way to go about it. What you’re really saying is that, if she’s so good looking, what else is wrong with her? There must be a reason that she can’t find a guy.

Do you know some other compliments that women often find offensive?

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Stay happy!

Source: beautyandtips.com