Almost all women wish to experience the wonderful feeling of falling in love. And of course, being loved back by the same person! While this feeling brings a lot of happiness in a woman’s life, what is more important is to remain in love. That is why, before you are head over heels in love with a special someone and ready to say “I do”, it is important that you assess what you want from a relationship. With this, it becomes equally important to figure out whether the man, whom you love, would be able to live up to your expectations or not.
Well, the decision of whom to marry is certainly yours, but we have something that will help you in making it. So, here is a list of men who would certainly ring a bell in your heart, but might not be available for a lifetime commitment. Read on to find out if your man falls in any of these categories.

1. The ‘You Are Always Right’ Man

You might love him for agreeing with everything you say or do, but is it really a sign of a healthy relationship? We get it that he adores you and can do anything for you, but the downside is that he might be insecure within. It can be the fear of losing you, which might be stopping him from disagreeing with you. But, if this insecurity starts showing up over the time, it can lead to tensions between the both of you. And it is true; you would never be able to respect a man who has a low self-esteem. So, say goodbye while it is still good, or else both of you would only end up with bad memories.

2. The Immature Man

Well, we agree that younger men bring a breath of fresh air in the relationship. They are full of energy and enthusiasm, which makes the relationship more exhilarating! But, enter this relationship with your eyes and ears open. Younger men will not be ready to settle down fast and time might not be on your side. Also, make sure that your guy is not looking for a motherly figure because in that case, your relationship can go downhill. So, until and unless you are sure where this relationship is heading, it might be a good decision to keep your emotions under a check.

3. The ‘Touchy-Feely’ Man

He might make you go weak on your knees every time he comes close to you, but does this really mean that he certainly is the one for you? Well, being physically intimate is just one of the parts of a relationship. But, if your relationship is all about this, then think twice. You never know! While you might be dreaming of a ‘happily ever after’ life with him, he just might be looking for a ‘no strings attached’ relationship.

4. Just The Eye Candy

Women have been termed as being eye candies for so many years, so wouldn’t it be fun to turn the tables on men for a change? At some point of time, we all want someone who would make our friends envious of us. While having such a person around you will fill you with pride, the question to ask is, do you enjoy each other’s company in private? Because when parties would cease, you would want a meaningful and loving relationship. So, get away from superficiality, and make way for a real and healthy relationship.

5. The ‘Cannot Keep It Transparent’ Man

Needless to say, honesty is one of the most important aspects of a successful relationship. So, be careful if you find him lying to you. And, before buying his excuse of “I didn’t tell you because I thought you will be hurt to know this”, try to find out if he really meant it. Trust us, a relationship can be at its best only when there is nothing to hide between the two of you.

6. The Male Chauvinist

We have all dreamt of a perfect guy who is full of chivalry. Opening doors, paying bills, pulling out chairs… all these thoughtful gestures will propel any woman’s heart to melt for that guy. But, before losing your heart in this relationship and dreaming of a ‘happily ever after’, you should be aware that there is a fine line between chivalry and chauvinism. Actions that you perceive as thoughtful might be his way of thinking that you might not be capable of taking care of yourself. Such a relationship will be devoid of mutual respect and understanding, which is certainly what you don’t want from a marriage.

7. The ‘Open To All’ Man

He might have told you a lot of times how much he loves everything about you. But, what if he does the same with every other girl he interacts with? Well, think twice before you take any serious decision about your life keeping this man in mind. You need not hurry if you feel he is not focused on this relationship right now.

So, does your ‘guy’ fall under any of these categories? Well, if you answered ‘Yes’, then we would suggest it is time to think again before taking your relationship to the next level.