Don’t believe for a minute that it’s inherently in all men’s nature to cheat. Here are some things that you can do to keep the home fires burning hot and it less tempting for him to go outside.

1. Initiate the lovemaking process sometimes yourself. Don’t always wait for him. This will keep him on his toes and let him know that you are as hot for him as he is for you.

2. Don’t object to trying new things. That doesn’t mean you have to do something you don’t want to, but don’t think you can make love the same way all the time.

3. Keep your confidence. Needy is not attractive.


4. Let him know how much he matters to you. Don’t get complacent. If you are married or living together, that is the case because he means so much to you, so don’t let him feel any less or he’ll seek attention elsewhere, and so will you.

5. Give him his space. Don’t make him feel like he has to tell you where he is, what he is doing and with whom. If you can’t trust him, well, he’s probably not the one for you, plain and simple.

6. Don’t be controlling. He’s your partner, not your employee. Complaining, nagging, blaming and punishing are all unattractive qualities that will drive a man out of the house in a heartbeat.

7. Don’t let yourself go. Ladies, please don’t scream! You worked at looking good to attract him, now do the same to keep him!
Nothing is ironclad when it comes to relationships, and yes, he has to do some work, too. But today we’re talking to the ladies.