7 Tips to make a stellar impression on your first date

couple out on a date

Sometimes, there’s no such thing as a second chance. Seven ways to make a stellar impression on your first date

Don’t cross your arms
Even though we fret so much about how we speak, a majority of interpersonal communication is non-verbal. The tone of your voice, the furrow of your eyebrows, the position and motion of your arms — all these provide people with loads of information. Stand up straight, make eyecontact and smile. Poor body language on your part can make somebody feel like you are indifferent — be aware of how you hold yourself around others. You might not even notice yourself (crossing your arms — it makes you appear closed, slouching, fidgeting), so you want to start taking note of how you’re acting just as much as how they’re behaving.

Get a haircut
Many men don’t pay attention to their hair. They opt for the simple haircut, the messy look or they throw on a hat. But a good hairstyle — or a bad one — can often make or break a first impression. You have control over your haircut, and it often has the biggest impact. So, take pride in how you look. But make sure your hair is clean.

Chew on mint gum
While some people, due to health reasons, are more prone to bad breath than others, it’s something that you should always be aware of. If you had a pungent dish for lunch (fish, onions, garlic) consider brushing your teeth (it’s good to keep an emergency brush at work). Coffee is a huge bad-breath culprit, so cut down or just make sure you don’t have a big cup before the meeting. If you’re striking up a conversation and think your breath might not be the freshest, be wary of the direction you’re facing (try turning away slightly so they don’t suffer the full wrath of it).

Check your shoes
While looks aren’t everything, what you wear does say a lot about you. Clothing with creases and stains isn’t going to impress anybody. Pants that don’t fit right aren’t going to leave her breathless either. Wearing a smart outfit not only sets a good first impression, it also makes you feel more confident about yourself. If she’s checking you out at the bar, she will notice your shoes. Shoes, for better or worse, have a way of standing out. There are different shoes for every occasion, and as much as guys like to make fun of women for owning too many pairs, it’s important to have a diverse enough selection for yourself.

Think of what you are good at
Confidence can be expressed in many different ways — how you stand, speak, dress and treat others. If you need to, think about things that you’re good at or big accomplishments in your life to ensure yourself. If you want to make a good first impression, you have to make contact. Confidence is tricky for many people, and it is not something you acquire overnight. However, it is something that you can work on — and people will notice. Women find confidence sexy and, men find it reassuring.

Stay fit
The type of shape that you are in can have a huge impact on how others see you. If you are overweight or obese, chances are people will think you don’t eat smart, you don’t exercise and you generally don’t give a damn. It also hints at lack of motivation and discipline.

Losing that gut takes a lot of time and effort, but when you slim down, it shows people that you’re willing to dig in and work hard.

So, you made a move and are standing next to her at the bar. You catch her eye and smile; she smiles back. Do you compliment her? Do you ask her what she’s drinking?

Should you say something nice about her dress? But before you have managed to open your mouth, she walks away. You had your chance and blew it because you couldn’t think of anything clever. You’ll always leave a lasting impression if you have a conversation than if you just give the person a look. Not only do you have to break the ice, you also have to make sure the conversation doesn’t die. Be natural, talk about things that interest you and make sure to ask them questions about their life.