7 Tips to lose those extra pounds that are stressing you in days

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There are many ways to lose weight, and all will take work and determination. If you are worried about your weight loss goal, you can lose pounds in days. Losing even a small percentage of your body fat can increase your health outlook tenfold. Here are a few ways that you can lose weight in only a few days.

Reduce Sodium Intake

Sodium will cause a person’s body to retain water. This water weight causes bloating and increase in weight. You can get rid of this by decreasing the amount of sodium you take in, and by increasing your potassium levels. Potassium can be found in potatoes, bananas, and coconut water. It can also be found in beets, which many people find they like after trying them.

Clear out Your System

Clearing out your digestive system and remaining regular will prevent your bowels from backing up. This can add a lot of weight that also can be toxic. Increasing your fiber intake is one way to decrease your constipation, but it also will prevent heart disease. While supplements may work, eating fiber through vegetables is much easier on your body. Supplements should be taken with plenty of water, to help flush it through your system.

Eat Bitter Foods

Adding foods that are bitter to your diet will help you lose weight by aiding in digestion. This helps keep food moving through the body and can control caloric intake. Some of the best bitter foods to add include dandelions, kale, almonds, collard greens, radishes, radicchio, and other dark leafy greens. They can be added to any meal and help your body in many ways. In addition to helping with caloric intake, they also help burn more calories leading to more pounds lost.

Start Your Day with Exercises

If you get moving first thing in the morning, you will jumpstart your metabolism. You will also have an easier time waking up and getting started on the day. It does not take long to do a plank and some crunches. Both exercises will tone up your core and help lose inches as well as pounds. Many people find running first thing in the morning invigorating, and it burns many calories in a short period.

Get Rid of the Sauce

Sauces, such as pizza sauce and barbeque sauce, have a lot of sugar and sodium in them. It is better to use straight spices whenever possible. Many of the spices have beneficial characteristics just by themselves. Cayenne pepper and chili powder are two examples of spices that help with weight loss. The heat will raise your metabolism and fight infections. You can add them to oil or egg whites for an easy application method.

Eliminate Soda

Whether it is diet or regular, soda is empty calories. Other sugary drinks such as milk, juice, and soymilk also add to weight problems. Drink flavored water using fruit to flavor it naturally. Sugar prohibits your metabolic rate from increasing, causing the sugar to turn into fat. It also affects your hormones and makes you feel depressed, hungry, and irritable.

Use Smaller Dishes

Plates and bowls over the years have gotten bigger. The best way to lose weight is by decreasing the size of the plate you eat off. Some find it helpful to divide their plate in half and only eat half the plateful of food, but others find that to be too tempting. You can find smaller plates in many stores, or switch to dessert plates, which have also increased in size. If neither is an option, pre-measure serving sizes before placing food on the plate.