From the days of Adam till now, man has constantly been in pursuit of what he needs and what he doesn’t need. Among these are things we can’t almost not do without.

So, here is a list 7 things we sure can’t almost do without. Roll with me.


Whether you agree or not that there is God and that we need Him, the wonder of nature itself would attest to it.


If you disagree, try staying unbathed for days and tell me if you’d feel comfortable in a warm temperature. Worst case scenario, you’d observe people detaching themselves from you and covering their noses like your body was some decomposing corpse. A nice shower, no one can antagonize.


Unless you are Kyle XY who has problem sleeping, sleep is something your body certainly can’t do without. I must tell you, there’s nothing quite revatilising like a sweet sound sleep.


Prior to the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the likes, we were painstainkingly rocking the era of Yahoo! And compared to now, that was really no fun, was it? Is it the fact that you buy airtime of #100-200 for 30 mins, or having to wait for a computer user for the same duration, or the unbearably slow network, or the ancient computer system (forget I said this), or the e-mail box that we were all proud of but can only check every once in a while? We wouldn’t want to trade this period for then, would we? Now we access internet at our finger tips, and like a gum, we can’t just help ourselves without it be it our ipads, tablets, androids, blackberries and our glorified Nokia 3310s. Strip some people of their mobile device and you’d wonder if they were infected with a chronic illness.


One word that musn’t be sounded in some peoples’ ears. It’d awaken that beast called hunger in that dungeon called stomach. The way our bodies were configured by God, it was such that it will always crave for food with a message being sent to your brain ‘shaperly’. One time, I went for a programme that required us to fast for some days; no food, no water all through. I felt like the world would come to an end at one point. And when the time came for us to break our fast, the way and manner people rushed into the canteen after the grace, you’d wonder if a wild beast was coming.


Before your mind starts wandering sweetly to that partner of yours- or an imaginary perfect partner that exists only in your imagination- consider other sources and avenues of love first, which must be said, remains the only dependable and unfaltering source. Think of God – without God’s love, we’d be nothing; family- an ever constant presence in our lives from birth to death; true friends- always there in the good and trying times; partners- well, if your heart has been broken and brutally burgled, you wouldn’t agree with anything I say, would you? So I’d just let it slide. But in actual fact, partners do offer us real love and joy at times. And anyone who thinks (s)he can do without love would sincerely be miserable, and beneath that toughness and stubborness lies a willingness and a craving to be loved, trust me.


The root of all evil yet the desire of all men. It would be self-deceptive to ignore the importance of money and extremely naive to dismiss the corruptive influence it carries.The extent to which some worship money, they’d rather their wife or children got stolen than their prized money. Money is a voice that can speak so loudly other things would pay attention. And in this present money-grubbing world of ours, you should earnestly start readying yourself (as a guy hoping for a relationship) to sign up as a reverend father.

Are there others things you can’t really do without, or you think you can live with some of the above, let’s know your thoughts by dropping a comment.

– by Kalejaye Abayomi