7. Your Partner Barely Communicates With You

This is a key factor in determining the strength of your relationship. When your partner stops talking to you and you spend long time together without communicating to each other. This does not mean that you guys need to talk all the time; communication is done even when you are silent that can be in the form of a smile or a little gesture. The communication needs to be two way so you should be alert if your partner is not taking the initiatives.

6. Your PartnerIs More Into Gadgets And Electronics

When your partner starts getting obsessed with gadgets and electronics more and starts neglecting you than this is not a good sign; this might be pointing towards unhappy relationship. It’s like the partner wants to find the alternatives to spend time with instead of you.

5. Your Partner Does Not Listen To You

This is another key indicator of being unhappy; your partner starts to avoid listening to you and gets him/her involved in some other activity like watching TV. Getting into relationship does not mean the physical intimacy it also requires genuine listening and sharing. If your relationship is lacking this listening than this is not going to turn into a successful relationship.

4. You Are Out Of Partner’s Future Plans

When your partner starts focusing on the “I” element while discussing future plans than this should ring alarms of unhappy relationship. This means your partner is planning future without you or he feels good to imagine such a future at least.

3. Your Partner Tries To Snoop Around And Focuses On Your Faults

When your partner always snoop around to find something that can help him/her to get rid of you and when he/she is always focusing on your faults and overlooking your strengths than be sure that this relationship is not for you.

2. Your Partner Talks About Others A Lot

When your partner’s communication gets focused on the others than it means he is getting fascinating by them and is not satisfied with the life you are spending together.

1. You Feel Depressed About Your Relationship

When you feel unhappy and stressed out whenever you are with your partner or think about him/her than this is an indication you are living with an unhappy relationship.

Once you are not satisfied with your life and feel like you are having an unhappy relationship than try your level best to make it better  but do not linger on if your efforts are not working it out; it’s better to move apart then to live in constantly depressing relationship.