There are some certain things that women do not tell their partners. No matter how talkative the lady is, there are still secrets she does not want to reveal. The man’s mission is to find them out in order to understand his woman better.

Our list includes seven secrets that a woman might have. Knowing them will help you avoid the most common mistakes and misunderstandings in your future and current relationships with the opposite sex.

1. Women appreciate sincere men
We do want to be trusted on. Women follow their intuition and in most cases their intuition is right. So be wise and open up. Do not hide anything. Tell the truth even if you know that it might upset the lady. Once she finds out that you have been lying she will feel even more upset and disappointed with you.

2. Women like surprises
Women love being surprised by little things that men might think are useless and meaningless. They mean a lot to women! Surprise your woman more often. Creativity is welcomed! There is no need for a surprise to be expensive. It might cost nothing yet it will astonish your woman. To receive a text message or a phone call when she expects it least is always pleasant. It will demonstrate that you care for her. Making a woman happy does not take too many skills or special talents. Just be sincere in what you do.

3. Women want men to take the lead
Initiative men are appreciated by women. No woman wants to play both roles – female and male. It is good when men take responsibility for a variety of things. Men are providers and they are supposed to be in charge. Taking care of the family is also a man’s responsibility. Women might hide their wish to be led, taken care for or helped. Nowadays women tend to be as strong as men in most spheres of our life. However, they wish to be protected anyways.

4. Women do not mind “Guy Time”
It is not really true that ladies do not want their men to meet their friends and spending time fishing or playing basketball. Everybody needs some private space. The point is to know that your friends should not be more important than she. Invite your friends over from time to time, go out and meet them elsewhere, but understand that your woman deserves your attention. Lack of communication, affection and attention won’t make for a good relationship.

5. Women want to be liked by your friends
Do not expect a woman to say that she wants her man’s friends to be of good opinion about her. She does care what his friends think of her. More than that, she wants that opinion to be positive. It is not that bad, actually. It helps to avoid unnecessary conflicts or arguments. Sometimes what friends think may influence the man’s decision about the lady. Of course it depends how close those friends are and how long he has known them. If they are childhood friends it is very likely that the man will listen to their advice.

6. Women need privacy
Privacy does not mean anything negative. It only suggests that from time to time a woman wants to stay on her own. Men should simply let her do what she wants or needs to do. Do not feel offended if your girlfriend or wife asks you to let her spend some time without you.

7. Women appreciate honesty
Honesty is the best policy. Women want they men to be honest and reliable. There is no need to lie and say she looks gorgeous if is far from being the truth. If she has gained weight, let her know that she has changed yet still looks great as usual. If she really dresses well, has got nice style and skillful at applying make-up, then go ahead and compliment her on that! Be honest in all situations.

We have listed only 7 of the things women secretly think about. Now you know some of their secrets. The list could be continued. We will be happy to hear your opinion. What is it you hide from your man? What would you never talk about with their husband and boyfriend?