Did you ever feel that you have a striking resemblance to your future mother-in-law? Has your boyfriend ever said stuff like, ‘You cook just like my mother?’. These are eerie signs that men end up marrying their mom in the form of an younger women. It is a known psychological fact that girls are attached to their fathers and boys to their mothers. That is why most men are mama’s boys.

The reasons men marry women who resemble their mothers are not very clear. However, we can always make an educated guess. There are certain types of women whom men like. Every man has his unique ‘type’ of woman. Usually, boys idolise their mothers. So, it is natural that they look for the qualities of their mother in their spouse. In the end, men marry women like their mom without being explicitly aware of it.

There are certain aspects of choosing a life partner that are very unique. We all find our own rationalisation to explain why we end up marrying the person we do. But in reality, even we do not know why we actually decide that he or she is ‘the one’ we were looking for.

Here are some possible explanations for why men marry women who are younger versions of their mom.

Comfort In Familiarity

Many men look for comfort in familiarity. They feel that they will be more comfortable living with a woman they are familiar with.

The Fitting In

Men always fear that the woman they marry will never fit into their family. Everyone wants a peaceful family life. That is why, by marrying a woman who is a lot like their mom, men try to ensure that she fits into the family.

Mom Vs Wife

It is a known fact that women never get along with their mother-in-laws. Men have this slight silver lining of hope that if they marry a woman like their mother, two similar ladies might not tear each other to pieces.

Men Never Grow Up

Men are always overgrown boys at heart. They have to be taken care of, fed, bathed and clothed by a woman. When their mother can no longer do these things for her son, she gives him up for adoption to the wife. In short, men need mothering.

Mom-cooked Food 

Men miss the food cooked by their mother all their lives. They often look for the same culinary skills in women they date and opt to marry.

Correcting Old Wrongs

Men do not always choose to marry women like their moms due to fond memories. Some men grow up having complicated relationships with their mothers. Marrying a woman who is like their mother is an attempt to undo the old wrongs.

The Freudian Connection

According to Sigmund Freud, the first attraction of a boy is towards his mother. He thus wants to kill his father and take his place. This is called the Oedipus complex. So, by marrying a woman like their mother, men finally make their first wish come true.