Although you do see Black women and white guys together, it doesn’t seem as prevalent as Black men and while ladies or of course all Black couples. Here are some reasons Black women have given as to why they are not prone to cross the color line.

Some Say Stereotype – Below Is What The Survey Found:

happy new wed interracial couple in wedding mood

• It’s rare that a white dude will even approach a sister. It seems that the Caucasian guy, if he does date outside of his race, prefers Asian or Hispanic ladies.

• Black women feel that white guys are only interested in them for physical intimacy. Sisters think that white dudes believe the hype about how exotic Black women are in bed and that’s all they really want.

• There’s the perception that a white guy won’t marry you. Ironically, statistics show the opposite, but perception is reality.

• It’s the hair. Black women do not want the conversation with someone who doesn’t understand Black hair as to why she is wearing it natural or with a weave or whatever.


• Most Black women have curves. And because of the all-American image of skinny models and actresses, ladies of color think that a white guy wouldn’t be attracted to their lovely butts and gorgeous thickness.

• Perception of smarts and education seem to play a part in the avoidance of dating a white guy as well. It’s still a lopsided economic system, where white guys seem to have all the financial advantages.

• And when you get right down to it, sisters generally just aren’t as attracted to white guys.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule.