The first date is undeniably one of the most interesting moments in a person’s life. As much as it can be a disaster at times, there are numerous things that can be learned. With all the planning and preparation that goes into making the first date successful, oftentimes, all that readiness can be reduced to naught if the wrong questions are asked and the wrong statements are made. This article looks at some basic questions you need to avoid asking on a first date. Being aware of these important points will answer tons of questions about a first date including those pertaining to things to talk on a first date, things to speak about on a first date and things to talk to a girl about.

Let us now look at these 7 questions to avoid asking on a first date.

Have You Dated Anybody In The Past? How was the experience?
A lot of people aren’t aware that asking this question, especially to a girl on a first date, can well be disastrous. Avoid bringing this topic up. This certainly is one of those things you shouldn’t talk about when on a first date.

What Are Your Thoughts About Marriage?
t definitely isn’t healthy to make even a minute reference to the ‘m’ word when a relationship also. So if you are on a first date, this is one of those things you sure shouldn’t bring up. Don’t expect things to go any further if you mention the ‘m’ word even by mistake.

Religion. What Do You Think About What I Just Said?
The topic of religion is critical, for you never really know what is running on your date’s mind. Bringing up religion and expressing religious views can be detrimental to taking things further. Keep you religious thoughts to yourself and makes sure you do not unnecessarily publicize your views.

How Are Your Parents Earning A Living?
If you are trying to prepare yourselves for a first date by delving into the things to talk about when on a first date, makes sure you eliminate this basic question relating to parents. Asking about how your date’s parents earn a living can be sensitive, sometimes a little too much.

What Is Your Age?
You certainly wouldn’t want to listen to lies, do you? Never ask your date what her age is. Never !

What Was He/She Like? Your ex.
Definitely amongst those dangerous things you shouldn’t talk about when on a first date. Your date is definitely not going to tell you what his or her ex was like. So. There doesn’t really exist a point in asking this question.