Many couples cannot imagine their wedding day without flowers, invites, or favors.

All those things are nice and do play some certain role but there are far more important things to be considered before the big day. Here is a list of seven things to pay your attention to in order to make the ceremony as perfect as possible.

1. The Music
There is no wedding party without music! Some prefer live bands, others hire DJs – either of these two options is fine. What is important here is to find professional performers. They are the people who will create the right mood and atmosphere of the event. They are also supposed to know what piece and at what point of time exactly should be played. Let them know your preferences and take your guests’ musical taste into consideration.

2. The Food
This part of the day will be remembered by your guests forever. They will most likely to forget your wedding dress but they will always recall how good or bad the food was. Unfortunately, people tend to recall in detail such things, especially the negative ones. You do not want your family or friends to gossip about you after the wedding, do you? So it will be better if, instead of spending your money on a dove release, impressive vases with flowers and other stuff of this kind, you spend your money on food and make sure that salads are fresh and meat is prepared the right way.

3. The Lighting
Another aspect to consider is lighting. Only few understand its importance. Extremely bright lighting is tiring and creates unnecessary tension while being in a room that is too dark is depressing. If you do not know how the lights should be arranged, then do not hesitate to consult a professional. Most wedding planners will readily help you with this issue or refer you to someone who will gladly take care of the lights.

4. The Officiant
Remember that people who are hired by you are not your family members or friends and you cannot expect them to be sincerely interested in the event. This is their job and routine is always boring. Some are good at what they do and some are not, just like in any other profession. Find a good priest who is willing to get to know you well enough to make his speech personal and meaningful. Let him be someone who has a rare talent for touching people’s hearts and minds.

5. The Seating Chart
Wedding parties are not all about eating and drinking. What people do at all sorts of parties is they communicate. It’s important to seat people the right way so that they could feel comfortable next to their neighbors. You can mix or match your family members – close people most often find common topics they can discuss. It’s not though wise to seat your cousin who is, let’s say, a young single college student next to a mature married couple. Before seating people consider their marital status, age, occupations, and interests.

6. The Venue
It’s nice to find yourself in a stylish place with ultra modern furniture and accessories. But do not forget that fashion keeps changing. Just think how your pictures (and you in them) taken in that ultra contemporary place will look like in 10 or 20 years. Give preference to classical solutions. They have been tested by many and so far they have proved to be the best. They are elegant, always comfortable and, which is not less important, they will never go out of fashion.

7. The Bar
What your guests will get to drink is not less important than any other of the 6 aspects mentioned above. Quality of the booze matters, of course. Another thing that matters is whether your guests will have to pay for it. A cash bar is not an option. Most guests would find it even offensive. In order not to hurt anyone’s feelings, think of other possibilities. Talk to your vendor and you might find a way out. It’s not a big deal if you cannot afford a full open bar. Let the list include fewer drinks, such as wine, soda, and a couple of cocktails but make them free!