No doubt there are big families among the people you know: relatives, friends or colleagues. Maybe your own family consists of many members or you are dreaming of creating your own huge family.

Many years ago families used to be bigger. A couple would have more than 5 children and that was considered to be a norm. Nowadays things have changed and having 3 kids or more is not really common. This happens due to lack of time. Only men used to make money in the past. However, at present ladies instead of being housewives go to work and make their living. We might find various causes why families have decreased in size. But let us discuss what advantages there are in having three kids or more.

1. Children help us feel younger

Becoming a mother for the first time at 35 or more mature age is normal nowadays. If you are planning on becoming a mother for the third or fourth time at this age is not that common yet incredibly beneficial. The reason is that a newly born baby will make you feel young again! This has been scientifically proved and experts recommend that ladies in their 40s should not avoid becoming mothers again. Children change your mentality and psychological state. They make you happier and more youthful.

2. You will always appreciate having a big family

Some families do want to have many kids. Nevertheless, their budget might not allow them to have more than 1 or 2 children. Bringing children up requires emotional, psychological as well as financial investment. People do not want to risk and have more children simply because they know that they will not provide them with all they need. Children need more than food and clothing. The good news is that coping with the task is possible. Learn to manage 2 kids and be sure that you will be capable of managing more children!

3. Children amuse each other

In childhood children should never feel lonely. One of the ways how to make them happier is for them to have brothers and sisters. Playing together, helping to do homework later on and finally supporting each other in adulthood is an incredibly rewarding experience. Your kids will always be thankful to you for letting them have such an opportunity. And remember, that your children will never stay lonely in this world when they have close relatives around.

4. Get support when you grow older

Think about your own future. You are not going to stay young forever. Sooner or later you will need someone to take care of you. Of course there are some certain organizations that have been created to help the elderly. However, it is far more rewarding and pleasant to be taken care of by someone whom you love – your own family members, especially your children. The more kids the easier it is for them to share duties and help you.

5. Sense of responsibility and developing character

Big families help us build character and sense of responsibility. As a rule, older children are in charge of the younger generation when the parents are at work. They study together, play and communicate while you are out. Being with siblings and taking care of them in childhood will definitely help us in the future when we grow up. This is the time and circumstances in which children learn to build character, gain self-confidence and become responsible.

6. Bigger family is the first step toward successful life

When a child is surrounded by his sisters and brothers he inevitably competes. He wants to excel and be better. The competition is healthy and absolutely necessary. Let your family be big. This is a perfect environment where you can bring up kids and know that later on they will succeed in life. This includes their career as well as private life. Besides, they will learn to be more understanding, learn to share realizing that they are not the only people.

7. Children guarantee happiness and joy

People create families to avoid loneliness. We want to stay happy and fill our lives with joy. The best way to make your family totally complete is to have many kids. Children require your time, care and attention. But all troubles and worries go away and are really insignificant in comparison to all advantages. Get rid of all fears and if your dream is to have another child in your family, let it happen. Do not hesitate to have a fourth child if this is what your heart tells you to do!

Raising children is a responsible mission. Parents should invest their time and feelings in them. It is up to you to decide how many kids to have. But we strongly believe that couples should be encouraged to have bigger families and more kids.