Bruce Lee is a name everybody knows, and it will live in our memory for years to come. But since everybody knows him as an actor, the truth was that he was indeed a unique person. This training, physical resistance, self-control, these weren’t just fake stunts. He was indeed a genuine Kung Fu trainee and had reached an incredible level in this art. And even though he died at the young age of 32, he managed to become a true legend. Here are some facts that will reinforce the idea that Bruce Lee was indeed a personality.

1      He had incredible speed of movement

He was so fast that he had the ability to take from someone’s palm a dime and replace it with a penny, even before that person had the chance to react and close his hand. That is so fast we can’t even imagine it, but Bruce made it possible.

2      He perfectly executed the “Dragon Flag” position

The “Dragon Flag” position is a very difficult one, as you have to sustain the weight of your body on your blade bones. But besides being able to perform it, Bruce could also hold this position straight for about 30 minutes. I can already feel my back sore.

3      Bruce’s speed exceeded the one of the camera frames

Believe it or not, but Bruce was too fast for the 24 frames per second cameras at that time. The film directors that had Bruce in their cast needed to shoot his scenes in 32 frames per second method so that his movements will appear more natural.

4         Five hundredths of a second was the punching and reaction speed of Bruce

Some studies were made regarding the reaction and punching speed of Bruce, leading to the incredible result of five-hundredths of a second. He could hit you so fast that you wouldn’t even know what happened to you and where it came from.

5         Not only speed characterized Bruce, but strength also

Bruce was not only speedy but also very strong as well. If you can believe it, he hit a man so hard once, that in his fall, he managed to break the hand of the man behind him. Now that’s how one person causes multiple casualties.

6         He was able to do push-ups using only the index finger and thumb of only one hand

Strong men are able indeed to make pushups on one hand, but how about in one hand and only using two fingers, the index, and thumb. It may be extremely difficult to do that, but Bruce Lee managed to do this performance. Something very hard to exceed.

7       Doctors told him that he will never practice Kung Fu again

Due to a weight training, in 1970, Bruce suffered an unfortunate accident and damaged his fourth sacral nerve. Doctors immediately ordered bed rest and gave him the grim verdict of existing a significant possibility of not performing Kung Fu again in his life. Still, by 1971 Bruce defeated the odds, and he was up and running, performing in his movies once again.