7 Excellent baby shower poems that will never let you down

The following poems could be nice to read or include in a speech at a baby shower. Perhaps one expresses what you’d like to say.

1.A Bundle of Love

A bundle in pink,
A bundle in blue,
A bundle of love
Is coming to you.

Treat it with kindness,
Treat it with care,
Always be gentle, and
Great love you two will share.

2.Babies Are Like Flowers

Babies are like flowers…

Give them a rich foundation so they grow strong roots.
Let them bask in the sunshine of your approval so they sprout and grow.
Feed them your love so they come into bud.
Shower them with self esteem so they blossom and thrive.

3.We Can’t Wait to Meet You

We can’t wait to meet you
So we’re gathered here today,
To shower you with presents
That you’re going to need someday.

Until the day that you arrive
And we all get to see you,
We’ll give your mom the support she needs
And eagerly wait to greet you.

4.There’s Nothing Like a Baby

Ten delicate fingers
And ten plump little toes,
Two big eyes and a
Cute button nose.

Soft tufts of hair
As fine as angel floss,
Warm and fragrant, and
Soft as new moss.

Chubby little legs with
Little dumpling feet,
Tiny arms that one day
Will give hugs so sweet.

There’s nothing like a baby
To prove the reality of love,
Just hold one in your arms and know
It’s a gift from heaven above.

5. A Note to Mr. Stork

Dear Mr. Stork,
There are a few things I’d like to say,
About that little baby
You’ll be delivering any day.

Please Mr. Stork,
If it’s a little boy,
Make sure he has his daddy’s smile
That shines with so much joy.

If it’s a little girl make sure
She has her mommy’s eyes,
That never fail to see the wonder
In each morning’s new sunrise.

And please Mr. Stork,
Try hard not to delay.
This baby’s parents can hardly wait,
So hurry on your way.

6.Welcome Baby!

With arms wide open, baby we welcome you.
We can’t wait to see all the things that you will do.

From cutting your first tooth, to saying your first word,
To those first steps you’ll take, like a wobbly baby bird.

The whole world awaits you, ready to be explored,
Filled with people who want you to know you’ll always be adored.

7. Baby Shower Gifts

Bottles and nipples, bibs and socks,
Pacifiers, bouncers and baby blocks,
Blankets and bumpers, Teddy bears too,
These are the gifts we bring for you.

Padding and sheets for your bassinet,
A quilt for your crib, and we can’t forget,
Diapers and wipes, you’ll need plenty of those,
And booties to cover your cute little toes.

Hooded towels, washcloths and a diaper pail,
A tiny pair of scissors to trim each little nail,
Powder to dry off your cute little bottom.
A brush an a comb and a mobile – we’ve got ’em!

We’ve brought all these things to help take care of you,
In shades of green, bright yellow, pink and blue,
Because we don’t know who you’ll be quite yet,
But we wanted to make sure your parents were set.

Now all that we need is for you to arrive,
So we can all watch you grow strong and thrive,
On the love and support your parents will give you,
And know that you’ll have love from each of us, too.