By Annie Daly

Start your day with these filling, slimming concoctions. Best of all, they tasteamazing.

Sprouted spelt pancakes

Bisquick, who? These vegan flapjacks are only about a thousand times tastier than the traditional kind—not to mention way healthier. That’s because they’re made with high-fiber spelt flour and almond milk, which gives them a deliciously nutty flavor. Top them with fresh berries, coconut crème—the possibilities are endless.

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Rhubarb rosemary muesli

Rhubarb isn’t only for fruit tarts—it makes a killer breakfast ingredient, as evidenced by this sweet treat. Muesli’s fiber-filled oats keep you full for longer, and the rhubarb-rosemary combo satisfies your sweet tooth, so you’re less likely to reach for the processed jelly doughnuts lurking in the office kitchen.


Stripped green smoothie bowl

Eating this in the morning is basically like having a huge ice cream sundae… for breakfast. Only it’s good for you! The smoothie, which is made from raw fruits and veggies, is dairy-free and topped with energizing superfoods such as maca, goji berries, cacao nibs, spirulina, açai, and bee pollen.


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Toasted coconut oatmeal with blueberries

Transport yourself to the tropics with this island-y breakfast. Top filling, fiber-packed oats with coconut oil, shredded coconut, and fresh blueberries—the coconut is sweet enough to fend off your sugar cravings until lunchtime.


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Sweet sprouted millet granola

Granola is one of those foods that sounds healthy, but it’s often packed with sugar and high in calories. Enter this sugar-free—but still totally sweet—version. Millet, a gluten-free ancient grain, and nuts are both loaded with protein, which studies show helps tame hunger so you eat less throughout the day.


Get the recipe at Nutrition Stripped.

Peanut butter French toast with chia cherry compote

So this is what you get when you combine French toast with peanut butter and jelly. Oh, yes! To make the vegan breakfast, simply soak sprouted-grain bread in peanut butter, bananas, and almond milk instead of the usual eggs and vanilla. The bread is easier to digest for those with gluten sensitivities, and its low glycemic index means fewer nutrients are lost during digestion. Plus, chia seeds expand to help control your appetite.


Get the recipe at Craving Thirty.

Berry entrée smoothie

Of course fruity smoothies are delicious—they’re packed with all sorts of natural sugars. But if that’s all you eat for breakfast, you’ll experience an intense sugar high and crash. The solution: Add hearty, filling toppings like nut butter, homemade granola, chia seeds, and rolled oats to your fruit base.


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