Architecture plays an important role in our life. It creates the atmosphere. This is how we can tell one city from the other. Each architect sees things differently and is trying to express himself through various types of structures.

One of the structures we cannot avoid mentioning is bridges. This structure is not only functional, but also aesthetic. Let’s see what bridges are considered to be the most memorable.

1. Helix Bridge, Marina Bay area, Singapore
Singapore takes pride in its modern structures. The place you should definitely see would be Helix Bridge made from an innovative combination of steel channel and glass. It looks amazing both by day and at night. Electric blue lights illuminate the bridge at night and you see people taking pictures of the place, enjoying the views of Marina Bay and the nightlife.

2. Tower Bridge, London, England
London is full of sightseeing places worth visiting. Not only is it famous for its cathedrals, abbeys and other historical buildings. London is built on the River Themes. This is why in London there are quite a few bridges that are worth mentioning. Londoners are especially proud of Tower Bridge, a recognizable symbol of Victorian London. However, it took people some time to get used to it at first.

3. Pont du Gard, Gard River, France
France is loved by those who are interested in history. Only here you can find fantastic castles and palaces not found anywhere else. The Gard is a river known for its special bridge called Pont du Gard. This is an ancient structure that was built by the Romans over 2000 years ago. First it was an aqueduct and provided people with 5 mln. gallons of water every day.

4. Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy
Venice cannot be imagined without its numerous bridges since the city is built on water. Gondola boats are everywhere and you can enjoy the views of the place while sailing in one of them. The Rialto Bridge cannot go unseen or unnoticed. This bridge will take your breath away and stay in your memory forever.

5. Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy
The Arno River invites everybody to see its special bridge named Ponte Vecchio. It’s a wonderful place for tourists because here you can find a lot of shops trading leather and luxury items such as jewellery. Since the bridge is situated in Florence you will have an opportunity to see the legendary city and taste the real Italian food.

6. Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA
New York never stops to surprise visitors. The city is famous for its Brooklyn Bridge. It was designed by John Roebling. It took the creator 15 years to put his dream into reality and finally the city council gave permission. The longest suspension bridge was built, however the designer died before the construction works were completed. It was started to be built by John Roebling, then his son Washington continued the process and it was all finished by Emily, Washington’s wife.

7. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA
This bridge is located in San Francisco and has been the main symbol of the city for years, since 1937. It cost almost $30 million to build the Golden Gate Bridge. This construction attracts photographers from all over the world and is easily recognized by its reddish hue.