As soon as I saw the clip with Victoria Beckham “Wannabe” I immediately wanted to know something interesting about this girl. She is a lovely woman who knows the value of her beauty and knows how to be beautiful. After she became popular in the band the Spice Girls, she began to build her career in the business of fashion design.

In addition, she has become a real style icon. I’ll tell you some unique facts about this stunning woman.

1. She was the part of another band.
In addition to her there were two other guy. The band was called Persuasion. Their most popular song was “Be the One”. They performed in various clubs. But one day, Victoria has found the opportunity to move to another band. She was fully fit at their request, where the girl was supposed to be no more than 23 years old, she had to be very persistent and hardworking with great ambitions. Just like Victoria.

2. She has been already engaged.
Everybody knows about the incredibly successful marriage of Victoria and David Beckham. But just a few people have heard that she was previously engaged to Mark Wood. Mark had bad attitude to Victoria, but she loved him very much no matter what. Even all the Spice Girls did not like him. But she did not listen to anyone. The couple broke up and broke off the engagement after the situation when Victoria had to miss an important event for “Wannabe” because of him.

3. Victoria used to be fat
As a teenager, Victoria began to gain weight very fast. Even her mom called her a fat puppy. Time passed and she found out the exact causes of her excess weight. She had polycystic ovaries. Because of this disease she had such hormonal changes with her body. When she was in the Spice Girls she finally triumphed her disease which has long struggled. After that Victoria has completely changed her diet. She included vegetables and fruits in her meal and seriously interested in sports.

4. Bad Clothing Taste
For the whole world Victoria is now an icon of style and it is very hard to believe that she was in a list of the most poorly dressed stars of 2007. At that time Victoria used to work with well-known designers, with the label Rock and Republic, and in 2008 she even became the face of the campaign of Marc Jacobs. But this facts and a lot of experience did not save the known star from the shameful list.

5. Famous godparents for children
Everyone knows this beautiful couple of Victoria and David and about their wonderful children who have the same famous godparents. Their sons Brooklyn and Romeo have such godparents as Sir Elton John and Elizabeth Hurley and also Victoria’s brother and sister. And Eva Longoria became a godmother for the Beckham’ daughter Harper Seven.

6. Most original gifts
Not every girl in the world can boast of such unusual and original gifts which she received for her birthday as Victoria did. One day, her good friend Heidi Klum gave her annual supply of cupcakes. Every week, Victoria received a box of delicious cupcakes. It cost $ 2,000. The best gift she received at the age of 34 from her husband of course. It was a wonderful vineyard in California.