As a writer who writes for fun, I use to find it difficult to show the world my work because i didn’t know how to compose it in a way that the people that are going to read it will understand. So i decided to improve on that part of my writing, and i found out that alot of people also have that same problem. So i’m going to share a few tips on how to start and make the article writing process more easier for you.

These are tips i have acquired over the years and i hope it helps you.

TIP 1: RESEARCH HOW TO START: Read books on article writing, how to captivate your audience from the very first line you put down, watch videos on it to help you understand the process of writing and how it can be easier for you.
TIP 2: FIND TOPICS THAT ARE INTERESTING TO YOU: If you don’t like what you are writing about, you will not be motivated to write it and your readers will find it difficult to understand the point you are passing across, so, make sure you are writing about something that you find interesting.  For me health, hair, issues of life, funny videos are my specialty. Try to find yours.
TIP 3: BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF: I know this tip doesn’t seem like it’s very important right now, but i had a problem been patient with myself when i was working on how to perfect my article writing skills because i kept thinking how i was not writing it well or how i could have written about something else and so many other things.
That’s why i want to encourage you to be patient. Writing an article is a skill and every skill need time to perfect, it’s just a matter of T.I.M.E. and you will be fine.
so just be patient with yourself.
TIP 4: LOOK FOR INSPIRATION CONTINUALLY: Don’t get comfortable being okay with how far you have come, you have to continually inspire yourself to get better. Look for things ,people, and places that inspires you and write about them. Get as much new ideas as possible and make it come to life with words.
Tip 5: WRITE DOWN IDEAS: Write down any ideas that pop into your head during the day  and even though you can’t find words to make a write up out of it right away, it’s okay. You will find the right words later in the future.
TIP 6: FOLLOW BLOGGERS AND READ MAGAZINE THAT YOU LIKE THEIR CONTENT: Following these kind of information platform will help you perfect your writing and give you unique ideas also.
Finally, i hope these tips will help you with your writing. Also,Here is one of the videos that helped me very much :