If you and your boo are Facebook friends, it might get ugly when you break up. All of a sudden your dirty laundry is right there for everyone to see.

So you change your status to “single” and start posting photos of you happy and smiling. Meanwhile, your ex is about to launch an attack on you that will be available for everyone to see.

Here is some advice on how to avoid big time Facebook drama when you and your man go your separate ways.


• Use blocking and privacy settings. Don’t give in to your curiosity to see what he is going to say about you. Block him. You might also consider blocking some of your mutual friends if they have a tendency to favor him. Facebook also has a privacy setting, which only allows your chosen friends to see your page and any updates that you post.

• Don’t be a stalker yourself. Try not to visit his page or his friends’ pages to see what he is up to. Cut yourself off. If he or his friends try to attack you, your friends will make you aware. Instead of stalking your ex, use your time and energy to find new friends or develop a hobby or outside interest. You can keep it from getting ugly by not acting ugly yourself!


• Be nice. In fact, the best thing that you can do is not post the breakup on your wall. Give yourself time to heal. It doesn’t have to be public information.

• Refrain from posting retaliatory comments if he posts negative things about you. You could start a war that nobody is really going to win. Besides, it’s petty and not really accomplishing anything.

• Don’t publicize your private life on your page. Don’t even friend him in the beginning unless he asks. What you do away from Facebook is your business.

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• Give it up for awhile. Stay away from Facebook for a while. Your real friends will know how to find you. Change your settings to private and then leave things alone for a while. You can even deactivate your account. It actually can be temporary, as Facebook retains your info for quite some time and you can come back on weeks or even months down the line.

It’s going to be tempting to get in a battle on the pages of Facebook. But it’s really not necessary and easier on your stress levels to follow these tips instead.


source: farrahgray.com