Time is money and people do all possible to save it. One of the ways to do it is to travel by air. Travelling by plane takes less time. But what if the flight you are planning is going to last for 5 hours or even longer?

There are some certain things you should bear in mind if you want your journey to be as enjoyable as possible. Although there is no other means of transport as fast as planes, but sometimes our time spent on board can last forever if you do not know how to arrange the trip. Spend some time and study the rules that are given below and learn how to make your next flight absolutely perfect.

1. Explore the Route of Your Flight
Are you always sure that you your flight is the shortest one? Sometimes people find out that their destination can be reached in less time if they use a special service, such as Flightaware. This site is not attached to any particular air company and gives you the most precise information helping you to choose the best flight to reach your required location.

2. Sitting by the Wings of the Plane
Again, the reason why you should pick seats by the wings is that the front and back of the plane tend to tilt during the flight and the wings is the place of the axis which means that you will not feel any discomfort during your flight. Here the tilt is minimal and hardly felt. If there is no tilting, there is no airsickness.

3. Avoid Checking Bags
Refrain from checking your luggage. Sometimes luggage is lost, it may sometimes be broken or damaged. Finally, it can be sent to some other location you do not expect. Do not worry and remember that there is a solution! You can travel light. If you take only the most necessary things, you will see that hand baggage is all you really need. If traveling without a few suitcases is impossible, be wise and learn as much as possible about checking your luggage.

4. Bring an Extra Power Pack
Having an extra power pack is a good idea if you are traveling long distances that take 5 hours or longer. If you own an iPad or any other device, then you will definitely want to charge it. Power pack is recommended in this case since nowadays electronic devices are not very good at keeping charge and need recharging if used intensively.

5. Booking Morning Flights
If you know that you are one of those travelers who suffer from airsickness, then the first thing you should do is to try and find a morning flight. The explanation is simple. The matter is that in the morning the sun is not as hot as during the day. If you travel by day, then remember, that the sun will heat the ground, as well as the air. Once your plane takes off you will immediately feel the contrast in temperature which will make you feel worse. The difference in temperature and altitudes causes turbulence. That’s another unnecessary stress for your health. So we recommend you should keep your flying to morning hours.

6. Buy Tickets on Tuesday and Early Wednesday
The best days to book flights are Tuesday and Wednesday. Airfares vary and air tickets change their price throughout the entire week. The most expensive tickets are sold on Fridays. On Mondays they are lower again. Competition makes airlines do this trick and travelers who do not know about this sometimes pay too much for the tickets they would have been able to buy for a lower price the next day.