1. They Have To Yell Instructions At You

“Okay, now touch there”, “hold my leg up higher”, “don’t do it like that, this way is better”. Do any of these sound familiar to you? If they do, it could be a sign that you suffer from bad in bed syndrome. Symptoms of this include never getting a callback, never satisfying your partner and worst of all, having to endure being told what to do during an act that is supposed to be fun spontaneous, intimate and everything in between. Nothing says you suck in bed like when someone else has to control the situation and make you feel inadequate at your most vulnerable time.

2. You Don’t Try Anything New

Fear has paralyzed you; you probably assume you suck in bed so you avoid trying anything new. You lack imagination and experience, so you end up looking like an amateur in this sex game; a lack of trying something new means you like to stick to your routine which can be rather boring, especially if you have been in a relationship for over a significant period of time. Your lack of imagination is a sign for those you are courting that you just may be as dull in bed as you are in person. So if you find that you have a lack of exciting thoughts and cannot live in your head for entertainment every once in a while; you may be just as boring between the sheets.

3. Out Of Shape

We all know that s*x is a physical activity. Some studies have even boasted that you can lose weight by having a very, very, very active sex life. Like with all good activity, it takes time and work, and dedication is always the key to success. That being said, if you are out of shape it does not only affect your gym life, but it also affects your personal life; your lack of stamina is never a good thing in bed, no one wants someone to constantly be asking for a break so they can catch their breath.

4. There Is No Orgasm

Yes, it is a known fact that some women have a harder time achieving an orgasm than men; but it is a real problem when you cannot give her even the tiniest pinch of anything. It is sad for her, but ultimately, it is just sad that you cannot help her out in that uncomfortable situation. This is a classic sign that you are confused beyond belief about how the female body works; if you orgasm before her, that’s fine, but use your imagination to get things going. If you find yourself dumbstruck about how to help out your significant other, you may not be ready for s*x.

5. She/He Is Dead Silent

This is embarrassing simply because silence is not as golden as people like to suggest it is; silence during s*x means someone is confused about what they have gotten themselves into and furthermore, they are so bored and unaffected by the sex that all they can do is lay there till it is done. If there is no communication, then you are stuck in a rut; silence is embarrassing not to mention awkward and avoidable. Have you ever had silent sex? It is like watching a horror film and holding your breath while waiting for the killer to jump out of a dark corner only, you’re waiting for your partner to figure out what is going on.

6. You Don’t Ask What They Like

When you intentionally do not ask what someone likes in bed, it is a clear sign that you have a few insecurities about how well you can successfully give them what they want. Insecurities are annoying and passive; they hinder you from doing fun things and experiencing fun moments (and we all know along with insecurities there is always the notion that we have to second guess ourselves). Not asking what they like may seem like a good idea but at the end of the day, if you sucked in the moment it ends up seeming like the worst decision ever.