When you are playing the dating game, winning the “right catch” is mostly left to luck. At times, competition can be tough, especially if you are vying for someone who is already surrounded by ‘more than enough’ attention from the opposite gender. If you want to impress somebody so much that they do not have much choice but to choose you, why not use some ‘science and research backed’ ways to have them fawning all over you? Yes, let us reveal some sure-shot tricks that will make the scales tip in your favour. What’s more? They are backed by research. So, take a look:


#1. Dim the lights

Renowned American psychologist, Kenneth Gergen, did a research on how ‘darkness’ can make people less inhibited. He found that couples are likely to talk, touch and hug each other more, when they are plunged into a dimly lit room. So, if you are looking for ways to make someone a little more comfortable, and less uptight, dim the lights, use candles and let the hazy glow of the night work its magic on them!

#2. Right tricks to shy or look up

Yes, keeping the chin down makes ladies appear more attractive and feminine. So, next time don’t forget to tilt your head down a little, when the man of your dreams walks towards you. And, here is a trick for men- titling your chin up will make your appear more masculine and macho. Obviously, this needs to be affected in moderation or it will just make you look comical!

#3. Excitement beats pleasure

Do exciting stuff together, like paragliding or trekking or dancing or anything adventurous. Going to the movies or an art exhibition can be reserved for the time after you have wooed the prospective partner. Ditching the familiar, and exploring the exciting new things can bring two people very close. So, use this trick to get closer to the one you want.

#4. Capture them with your eyes

Making eye contact is of prime importance, and research backs it too. It has been found that an unbroken gaze into the eyes of a stranger of the opposite s*x, can increase feelings of passion between the two. So, eye contact can send much stronger signals to your prospective partner than those hundreds of text messages. Eye contact is so important that when couples were given a test, as a part of a relationship research, it was found that those who were blindfolded and not allowed eye contact registered a 50 per cent decrease in the level of attraction that they felt for their partner.

#5. Spill the beans

If you want to build a strong and everlasting bond with someone, over a short period of time, then you need to share your secrets with them. Noted researcher, Arthur Aron discovered that sharing secrets brings you closer to each other. Letting people in on your secrets tells them a lot about how you feel about them. They are made to feel special as part of your inner circle of trust, and they instinctively feel closer to you since they now share a secret with you

#6. Red is your colour

Several researches have been made on the effects that different colours have on both the genders. And, most of them have discovered that red is your safest bet if you want to get someone’s attention. Red makes people appear more desirable, whether it is for dating or mating! Men find women in red extremely attractive, and when ladies see a man wearing a red outfit they are drawn towards him. Thus, wearing red to a date increases your chances of getting closer to your guy or gal.

Science has plenty of such amazing tips and tricks that you can use, but in the end all that will really matter is that you stay true to yourself, and your partner. If you know any more secret tricks to woo a loved one, do share those with us by leaving your comments below