Being friends with the ex… is it a nice relationship to have? Well, for some it is and for the rest who resent being friends with an ex they have a story to tell.

Most of the people I know in my circle hate being friends with an ex – for one solid reason: you get to see her or his face everyday and it isn’t a nice sight if your relationship ended on a bad level. On the other hand, it is all the more worse when you guys are still in contact after an emotional breakup too.

Being friends with your ex has a lot of reasons, so if you are planning to tie this former love into a friendship one, then here are some of the reasons why we think you should not be friends with your ex partner, take a look and be amazed:

Being around him: Just being around him or her will seem way to weird, after all the two of you shared a history and some moments which might just get you emotional and heart-broken.

You Might Fall Again: Sometimes if things are forgiven and it’s seems pretty clear that the two of you are getting along, you might end up falling in love again with the person who broke your heart. Now, do you really want to take this road?

With Another: One of the reasons why you can’t be friends with your ex is simply because it will kill you to pieces if he or she is in the arms of another person. This is something no human can tolerate seeing.

Forever In Your Eyes: When your friends with an ex, he or she will be around you at all times. This means that it will be like your in a relationship yet again but minus the love, the extra care and of course those wonderful romantic moments. Will you be able to stomach that?

Your Mind Will Change: At some point of time, your mind will change and God help if your in a relationship with someone else. This will not only destroy your friendship with your ex along with your budding romance. So, it is totally not worth being friends with your ex. Hope these reasons are enough for you to realise it.