One of the most important choices we make in our lives is whether to have a child or not. Of course there are plenty of aspects to bear in mind and discuss before pregnancy. One thing to remember is to have a baby because both of you want and need it.

Reasons such as curing your breakdown by giving birth to a baby are inappropriate in this case. You should put pregnancy off if you are not emotionally ready for a bigger family. Here what you are supposed to think over before you decide to have a baby:

1. Assistance
No matter how much you love your baby, from time to time you will need assistance. In spite of you being totally ready and willing to take all responsibilities, it is good if you have someone else who will substitute you in case of emergency. Ask your parents if they would agree to help you to raise your child. If you do not have close people around, then think of having a dry nurse who will teach you how to take care of babies.

2. Relationship
How would you rate your relationship with your current partner? If you feel that the person you are with is trustworthy and reliable, then having a child is great. The baby will grow in a full family where parents love and respect each other. Do not get pregnant in hope to save your relationship. Breakup is inevitable and a child will only cause more complications. Only when you are in a strong relationship with your partner can you think of having children.

3. Health and age
Nowadays women can have children in their 30s. There are cases when 50-year-old women give birth to a child. The reasons might be various. If you are over 30, then you should know that your health and age matter. Consult your doctor and talk about different things. Tell him what your usual eating habits are. Find out what risks there are and what you should change about your habits and lifestyle to make pregnancy less hazardous. Your partner’s health is also very important, that’s why both of you are advised to visit a doctor before you decide to have a baby.

4. Financial situation
What you should take into consideration is your finance. Having a baby requires financial investment. It is quite expensive to raise children. Make sure that you can afford diapers, stroller, toys, food and clothing. If you are a busy person you might need to hire a babysitter. You might later on find out that your car is not big enough and you will need to buy a new one to feel comfortable. Plan your budget ahead and start putting aside some money for unexpected expenses that you might face in the future.

5. Lifestyle
What kind of lifestyle are you used to? If you know that all it consists of is constant partying and fun, then having a child right now is wrong. Once a baby is born you will have to change your habits and forget your previous activities. If you feel you haven’t had enough fun yet, then do not get pregnant. Even if you have someone who is ready to help you bring up the child, babies need both parents. So before getting pregnant think well whether you are ready to alter your current leisure and routine.

6. Career
Modern conditions of our rapidly developing world make women be as active as never before. Ladies want to be in charge at work, they establish their own company, rule and manage. This allows less and less time for them to have a family. Remember that if you decide to have a baby, you will need to make a choice: career or kids. It is almost impossible to stay a perfect mother while competing in your profession. If you feel that professional success is more important for you than personal life, it is not the right time for you to create a family.