Every woman should have a few lipstick colors in her collection regardless of the time of year or the trend of the moment. These are the shades that are in perfect harmony for every season and it perfectly represents you. Since a lipstick can change your mood and is an essential factor in your looks, it’s important to find the right shade.

To find the perfect gloss there are a few timportant hings to consider. First off: Choosing the right color for your undertone. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a lipstick can look in the tube, if your complexion and undertone don’t match the products, the color may look weird once applied.

Next, it’s on to texture. While the below six colors should make it into your collection, knowing how bold of a lip–or the formula you want most–will determine what type to buy. An important rule of thumb is to pick lip colors that are one to two shades darker than your natural lip. If you want lips that really stand out wear something with a bit more bite. If you’re a gloss girl, but still favor highly pigmented shades, search for brands that deliver what you want.

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A nice nude is a must. This can be worn in professional situations or be the subtle finish to a dramatic makeup look such as the one seen in my Robot Chic tutorial. A nude lipstick delivers just enough color payoff to heighten a finished face without being the center of attention.

2. RED

Sultry. Fierce. Classic. There is no look that a strong red lip can’t accompany–If applied properly you’re guaranteed to look glamorous. And with a range of variations within the red family, you’ll have a true red forever and deep reds for winter looks.


Because berry shades range from raspberry to blackberry, this color tells a lot about the owner. It creates mystery and makes a statement all at once. Berry was a huge trend this last season so how do you get away with wearing it well into summer? Make it your ultimate night on the town hue.


Pink is the lip color with a hidden agenda. Like red, it can be worn in many different styles–it can also act as a dual beauty product when applied to the cheeks as a blush. Decide the intensity you feel comfortable with and make that your go-to pink.


Right now the limelight for this color is being stolen by its more electric cousin, orange, but a peach lip is not only lively and appropriate at every age, it is one of the most flattering and forgiving shades. It is best worn when the rest of your makeup looks natural (ok, maybe you can rock a dark eye with it as well).


Orange is the it color for lipstick right now. True orange, neon orange, sheer orange — no matter how you wear it, it’ll be in style.

Which of these do you most frequently wear?