1. Larry da Leopard


Larry da Leopard, a Texas tattoo artist took his obsession with leopard spots and decided to become a human leopard. His decision to tattoo leopard spots onto his body may have caused a rift with his loved ones, but he believes it has brought him one step closer to becoming a true ‘manimal’ with cat-like reflexes.

Born Lance Brieschke, Larry Da Leopard has covered every inch of his body with more than a thousand spots to become half man, half big-cat. Larry claims that the leopard spots have given him cat like reflexes.

2. Cathie Jung

68-year-old, Cathie Jung set out to achieve the Guinness World Record for the slimmest waist. She got it!
Jung, who is 5 ft 5 inches tall, has a waist that measures just 15 inches in circumference thanks to a corset. Although corsets aren’t nearly as popular today as they were 200 years ago, they still have their place in the BDSM and body modification scenes. She has worn a corset for 22-years.
Tightlacing is the practice of wearing very tight corsets to create a tiny waist. Oh please do share your thoughts on this body modification.


3. Bagel head

Bagel head is a type of body modification, that originated in Canada and has taken off in the Japanese underworld. The process, involves getting a saline solution injection under the skin of the forehead so that it fills up, and then pushing in the center creating a bagel look.



4. Catman

Known as “Catman”, or as he likes to put it “stalking cat”. To go along with the tiger stripe tattoos 54-year-old Dennis also had his nose done, ears modified as well as eyebrown implants and whisker piercings. In 2012 Dennis passed away. His cause of death has not been released, but it is believed he took his own life

5. Eyeball Tattoos

Out of all the body modifications you have seen in this list, perhaps the most bizarre and out of this world body modification is the tattooed eyeball. One can only imagine the health risk that would go along with scaring ink into your eyeball. Believe it or not this particular tattoo is actually gaining in popularity.