Scrap the mystic ball and tarot cards; Mr. Right is not going to be found in a conjurer’s tent. If you want to find the one, take a look at these top tips and you’ll be sure to find that tall, dark, handsome stranger in no time:

Ditch the perfume

Although smelling like flowers, honey and all things fruity is great, have you ever thought what it’s doing for your love life? One US study rounded up a group of brave guys and asked them to sniff some ladies T-shirts. The study found that men’s testosterone levels shot up when they smelt the T-shirt of ovulating women. So, if you douse yourself in heavy scent throughout the month, maybe ditch it for a few days when you’re halfway through your cycle. Your natural smell will work in its place. If you really hate the thought of going out without a dab or two, you could always use the body wash version of your perfume. That way the smell is still mild enough not to put off horny guys, but you’ve got the smell you love.

Look at your dad

We don’t blame you if you feel a little freaked out when we say look at your dad. We know that your dad is never going to feature highly on your ‘To-Date List’ (at least we hope not girls!). However, it turns out that Freud may have got it right all those years ago when he suggested we’re all looking for someone like our parents. Apparently, when we meet people, we are naturally drawn to those that look and smell like our parents. Psychotherapist Elayne Savage says familiarity is one of the main reasons why people choose a parent-like partner.  So, if you’re scouting for the perfect man, we suggest you take a trip home first to take a look at what you need to be searching for.



Hold on to him

Some people have no trouble finding a man, but when it comes to the more serious post-infatuation stage something goes wrong. If that sounds familiar, it may be due to your chemical biology. When we fall in love there are three main chemical phases. First comes lust (which is driven by testosterone and estrogen), then comes attraction (a stage instigated by neuro-transmitters called monomamines), then comes the attachment phase. The key hormone in the attachment phase is oxytocin.  Oxytocin promotes bonding in adults and it is released when adults are being intimate. It is thought that the more sex a couple has the deeper the bond. So, maybe a night or two more under the covers will help you stay strong with the next guy.

Go shopping

When you’re single people always tell you to “get out there”. You’re told to get involved in things you never normally would, like walking clubs, craft sessions or language classes. Although it is good to meet new people, do you really want to find the man of your dreams whilst you’re wearing hiking socks? We thought not. The message behind this advice is good though; you need to meet guys in order to find one. However, we suggest you keep to your normal routine and just be more aware of who is around you. Food shopping is the perfect place to meet lots of different men, and you can tell an awful lot about their life by looking inside their trolleys – if they’ve got two types of hair conditioner then walk on by.


Look in the mirror

It may sound odd, but looking in the mirror is the perfect way to find your ideal man. Studies have found that married couples tend to look quite similar. So, have a good hard look at your own facial features so that when you’re next out you can target those men that look like you. Those couples who do look like one another have also been found to have lower cases of child abuse in their families and are less selfish.  However, studies have also found that couples not only have similar facial features, other parts of their bodies correlate too. Researchers found that many married couples had similar: metabolic rates, ear lobe lengths, ear size, neck circumferences and middle finger lengths. Get out those tape measures girls, it’s time to pull.