It started when you were a teenager – girl talk. And that girl talk with your BFFs usually centered on boys, and then men as the years went by. But your BFFs and that girl talk, while fun and a great way to pass the time, can also be damaging to your relationship with your man. And it’s not always all their fault; it can be yours too.

• Your BFF may only be getting one side of the story. It can go either way. You may be telling her how awesome and great he is, or you can be only telling her the negative things and the complaints. So don’t be surprised then, when she meets him, that she gives him “the look.” That’s the one that coined the expression, “If looks could kill…”


• Your BFF will almost always say that you are right for two reasons: all she knows is what you told her, and second, that’s what she’s there for, to support you not matter what. The truth is sometimes you are the one that messed up and need to be held responsible, but your BFF is rarely going to make you see that you are wrong. She is more likely to tell you to kick the MF to the curb!

• Some BFFs just simply mistrust men, maybe from past experience or they just don’t like men. If that’s the case, she will do her darnedest to point out a man’s flaws and maybe even make you imagine things about your man that aren’t necessary true. For real, not all men are cheaters and not all men lie.

• A BFF can be jealous. You two spend all your free time together shopping and drinking lattes at the café while you man-watch. But now you have a man and you don’t see her as much and aren’t spending much of your time with her. Jealously can rear its ugly head and she may say or do things to break up your happy romance to get her BFF back in time for the big sale at Macy’s.

“You never spend anytime with me anymore.” She will find fault with your man. She might not make it obvious, but she will do things to try to keep your attention.

BFFs can be great, too. They’re the ones who you can run to when you need to cry or will sit with you and eat ice cream when he messed up. Just try to keep a balance that will satisfy your BFF and your man.