With selfies pervading in all aspects of life, can wedding be far behind? For the new-age Indian couple, the day is not complete if they have not taken a selfie on the day of their wedding. Given that an Indian wedding celebration can be a long affair with its numerous functions — from the bachelor party to mehndi and finally the reception, seems the perfect scenario with its various moods, to go on a selfie-clicking spree.

All-set-for-the-day selfie
We often click selfies when we are just about to leave for a party. A wedding is even more special, so it is but obvious to click one right after you’ve dressing up for the big day. As you sit all decked-up in front of the mirror, while everyone else is outside welcoming the baraat, make full use of your privacy before the madness begins, by clicking an all-set-for-the-day selfie. And don’t forget that pout!

Bestfies unite
What’s a wedding without best friends? They make every ceremony come to life — from helping us keep our sanity, lending a hand for the preps to getting that mehndi and sangeet party rocking, they make sure to give you the most memorable day of your life. Needless to add, a bestfie to banta hai. However, remember give it your most quirkiest expressions ever.

A mehndi selfie
Although a North-Indian tradition, mehndis and sangeets are an integral part of every wedding ceremony today. But more than that the intricate artistic designs on your hands are reasons enough to flaunt it when you are done with your four-hour long mehndi session. Just remember to keep your fingertips bare!

The newly wed selfie
Gone are the days, when brides and grooms would be all coy during their wedding ceremony, while the rest of the world had fun. There are few couples who post every single moment of their wedding day on social networking sites, even as it is happening. The newly wed selfie is usually clicked right after the sindoor, mangalsutra or the ring ceremony. It declares your ‘just got hitched’ status!

A selfie for posterity
Finally, it’s time to capture the most important people in your life — the family. Make sure you click a happy groupfie with the members of both families in the frame. The right time for it is during the reception. Try and squeeze in every member of family, giving their best smile — a moment that no professional photographer can capture.