1. Spending Too Much Time On Social Networks

Social media addiction is not a myth, but is very much a habit for many people. The chances are, it’s even a habit for you. Whether you’re liking, sharing and scrolling as soon as you wake up, or doing the same thing before bed, you’re wasting valuable time on something that doesn’t actually mean much.

Sure, social media is a good way of staying in touch with people. But all too often we overstay our welcome. We hang around in case we miss something funny, or in case we miss a bit of gossip. We read the conversations of strangers just to put off actually having to do something worthwhile, and sometimes we find ourselves mindlessly flicking through the pictures of a total stranger before slapping ourselves in the face and saying, “WHAT AM I DOING?!”

If you want something to fill in the holes between activity, why not start a blog? It’s more productive, and you still get to share information with your friends.

2. Watching Television Before Bed

Another tip on how to become successful in life is to get rid of the habit of watching TV before bed. Lots of people watch a bit of TV before hitting the sack. After all, it’s the perfect way to relax after a long day at work.

But watching TV just before bed can make us more tired the following morning. Often, we really get into a show before realising that it’s now way past our bedtime. Sometimes we even fall asleep during a show, which is equally unhealthy. Moreover, when you watch TV before bed, you lose out on valuable time to be a bit introspective and assess how your day has gone whilst planning your next one.

3. Procrastination

Next tip on how to become successful in life is to avoid procrastination. This is the biggie when it comes to bad habits that prevent us from being productive, efficient and successful, and it’s one that everyone knows all about.

Procrastination is often down to a lack of prioritisation. See, when you don’t decide which task you should do first, you end up doing nothing at all! Instead, you procrastinate. You spend ages deciding what to do, whilst having bit of “fun” in-between. This wastes so much time. To rid yourself of that annoying procrastination, prioritise.

4. Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is a really bad habit that successful people don’t have. Indeed, successful people know that failure is something that happens to all of us, and they see it as an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and grow.

If you fear failure, you won’t take risks. And if you don’t take risks, you won’t achieve anything. Failure is actually our friend and our teacher, and you should start embracing it more often. It will teach you more things about yourself than anything else could.

5. Eating Junk Food

Another tip on how to become successful in life is to avoid eating junk food, which might seem like a bad habit we associate with overweight people, but junk food can actually stop you from being productive and therefore successful.

Junk food is loaded with bad fats (really bad fats), and these bad fats can not only make us flabby, but they can also fog our brains. Once these fats reach our brains, they cloud our judgement, slow us down and inhibit our cognitive faculties from functioning at 100%. In short, they make it impossible for us to perform to our best.