He is the man of your dreams; you love him with all your heart. But one fine day, when you do decide to take the plunge and have mind-blowing sex with him, you realise it’s anything but mind-blowing! When it comes to his moves in the bedroom, he’s so bad you want to run over him with a truck. Ouch! Well, breaking up with him doesn’t seem fair, does it? Thank god there’s hope. Take a look at these moves that are bound to bring in the passion between the sheets even if you’re partner lacks the spark!

1.Do a little digging: Find out why his moves in bed suck. If you know the exact problem, whether it is medical or emotional, you can try and fix it. If he can’t get it up or is lacking in the girth department, there’s always help to be found in a sexologist or relationship counselor, you know. So why not give it a shot?

2.Have the talk: Have a lengthy talk with him and discuss what is missing.  There are times when there are specific OCDs which he is not comfortable talking about which leads to a night of passion lost.  May be there is something he is okay talking about, so try to get him to open up and talk about it.

3.Toy story: Well if he is not getting you off, then something has to. Why not make it a threesome and add the toy into the love making story. Make love to him and at the same time, use to the toy too.  You will have an experience like never before.

4.Definition definition: At times your man thinks that you like it but you don’t.  So define what good sex is for you. After you find out what exactly are the points which make you hot and heavy, tell him. It will make life easier for him and orgasmic for you.

5.Erotica: At times enacting or reading out erotica together can turn the tables in the bedroom. Make sure the scene is set, the costumes are out and then you enact everything out.  Pick up something super kinky like 50 Shades of Grey and go 50 shades of red after a crazy night of lovemaking.