5 Tips On How To Pack Your Car For Long Trips

Traveling by road is one of the easiest ways to reach your destination faster with little to no hassle. While flights take the shortest time in the air, they are not the most convenient option. With the limitation on the items you would need to carry aboard, it is cheaper and necessary to consider a road trip. However, you need to plan your trip and pack your car adequately to make the journey a pleasant experience.

Regardless of the amount of luggage you have, you can organize them for the trip. Unlike public means of transport, you can decide what you can carry and what to leave behind. Remember that your car’s carrying capacity will depend on the number of passengers you are traveling with and your accessories.

Follow these five simple tips to make packing your car for that haul easier.

1. Roll on the Clothes

5 Tips On How To Pack Your Car For Long Trips

For any trip one may be planning, you can be sure clothes will be the significant item that takes most of the space. If you have a big family, then the clothes will even be more. You need to save up space as much as you can to accommodate everyone’s clothes.

Use the roll method rather than the fold packing method. Rolling saves up lots of space in your travel bags. You can also use packing cubes to create more space and organize your clothes well to make it easier to find the ones you need at any time.

2. Have a Car Emergency Kit

As much as you will always ensure everything is in check before leaving for the road trip, not everything goes as planned every time. You may perform all the maintenance tasks and take all preventative measures such as replacing fluids and changing the oil but remember that some nasty things could happen.

You ought to prepare for emergencies every time you travel. Ensure you have an emergency care kit with you anytime you travel. Do not stuff it with the items in the carriage. The kit should be easy to reach. Place it under your seat or somewhere accessible for convenience and quick access.

Some of the travel essentials experts recommend include:

  • Tire gauge
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First-aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Hazard triangles, warning light
  • Jumper cables

3. Roof Rack

5 Tips On How To Pack Your Car For Long Trips

In case you are running out of space, you can install a roof rack on your car. Use a roof rack to expand the storage capacity. Straps will hold the slipping parts of the storage box effectively to avoid any movement. Also, add a robust front reinforcement to ensure the rack remains firm throughout the trip.

Evenly spread the volume of the luggage on the roof rack for a smooth trip. Bulky objects should occupy the middle area. Pad the items with blankets, especially in the front. The blankets will absorb the kinetic energy upon braking heavily. Lastly, ensure luggage in the rack is safe and well-packed, do not just throw items all over the box.

4. Meals and Snacks

Food is an essential part of our lives. No food means no trip. While there are many places you can make stopovers for a bite, you should consider carrying snacks along. You will avoid unnecessary stops for high-priced sugary snacks.

Animal crackers, snack-size bags of pretzels, trail mix, and bite-size fruits are nutritious choices. Go for juice bags with straws and bottled water for quenching thirst. You could consider packing for a picnic lunch rather than stopping at the next restaurant for a meal.

Food prepared at home will be more delicious, just the way everyone likes. You can take packed lunch at a picnic site. Not only can this save you money, but it also builds family bonds and togetherness.

5. A Portable WiFi

Long road trips can mean that you intend to cross country or regional borders to various destinations. It means that you are going to roam with your mobile devices. As you are much aware, roaming increases your mobile bills due to expensive voice and data plans.

If you travel often, you may purchase a roaming plan for your phone. However, that may not be feasible in all situations. Getting a portable WiFi will solve most of your worries because you can connect to the outside world from wherever you are on earth.

Whether you want to backup your device on the cloud while on the trip or you want to send an email immediately when you arrive at your stopover, you will need internet access. You will not likely access WiFi unless you lodge a hotel. And, sometimes, you cannot trust public networks when carrying out sensitive transactions.

In Summary

Road trips can be both exciting and tiring or boring. Missing something when packing your car for the adventure can even break the thrill. You need to carefully choose the necessary items to go into the car for the trip, and use these hacks to fit all the things you need in the vehicle before you leave.





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