Winter seems to settle down in the western parts of the country giving us ample opportunities to fulfill our remaining bucket list wishes that we didn’t do during the initial chilly days. But as the temperatures are taking a little deeper dip, we give you a list of fun things that will surely spice up your winter evenings.

1. BBQ parties: No matter how cliched it may sound, but winters coupled with BBQ parties and friends calls for a great time. And if you are a foodie, then go ahead and get on platter some exotic veggies and mix some new flavours.

2. Late-night rides: Yes, winter nights are chilly but that’s the whole fun of renting a cycle and going for long-night rides with friends. Not only is cycling a best form of exercise, but winter nights teamed with empty roads, roadside chaiwallahs along with friends accompanying you on cycle, is a fun sight, that one hardly gets to see. So rent those fancy looking cycles, upgrade your playlist and get ready for some cycling fun.

3. A movie-date: Agreed a movie date with that cute guy/girl whom you recently met at the gym or office or during the recent marathon sessions, is definitely a great idea, but how many times have you treated yourself to a movie of your choice in the comfort of your own home? So before the winters bid us goodbye, book a date with yourself and watch that movie that you have been planning to watch for sometime now.

4. Ice, Ice, Ice-creams: After a spicy, sumptuous meal how about treating yourself to a kulfi or an ice cream from those stalls which you frequent during summers? Sure, ice-cream sounds like a great fun during summers, but in winters it adds double the fun. What don’t you believe it, then you should try it out right away to believe the fun.

5. Camping: Last and certainly not the least winters can be a good time for visiting many cold places. Camping is also a great option to spend your winter holidays. So, if you still haven’t planned anything yet, quickly go through your favourite holiday websites and book a trip soon, before the winter bids us adieu.