5- Using Too Much Soap

Do you suffer from skin irritation in your honey pot region? Blame you soap. Even if a soap is gentle enough for the rest of your body, odds are that it’s too harsh for the delicate skin downstairs. It’s better to use a natural soap with no perfumes or dyes, and don’t over-lather the cloth. However, some experts recommend avoiding soap on your honey pot area entirely.

Your honey pot brings you so much pleasure, but some of the things you’re doing might not be returning the favor. If you struggle with infections, irritation or other issues, consider whether something you’re doing might be making your honey pot sad.

Lubricating It With Baby Oil

So you’re ready for a roll in the hay, and to get things going quick, you rub on some baby oil or another petroleum jelly product. You’re hoo-ha isn’t going to be happy. Oil-based lubricants are thicker and don’t wash out very easily, so they can get stuck in your vaginal canal and eventually trap bacteria along with it, resulting in infection.

H/T :  Positivemed