“I’m not sprung, I’m just smart and I’m sleepy!” I remember having to have this conversation with one of my single friends as he tried to pull my card about why I didn’t want to hang out all night long with him. Often times as we make the transition from bachelor to husband there are some things that your single friends just won’t understand until they themselves are in your shoes. Here are a few things that they may not quite understand:

1. I need to be home at a decent time!

Okay… I don’t mind going out with from time to time and my wife has no issues with it what so ever. In fact, she actually encourages it. The difference between me going out as a married man now is that I just choose not to be out ALL NIGHT. The first reason is that I think it’s just respectful of my home and my wife to be home at a decent time and secondly a brother just be tired! Call me old if you want to, but my bed is always more comfortable than any club

2. Yes! I Call in and check in

hen you are bachelor or just a boyfriend, sometimes your boys can view checking in as a sign of weakness, but as a husband I view it as a responsibility. I vowed to be responsible for my wife and to my wife and thus I like to make sure she is okay and to let her know that I am okay as well. This doesn’t mean I have to have a 30 minute conversation with her, but a few text messages or a few short phone calls can solve a lot of things. It doesn’t mean that as a husband you’re weak or you don’t “run things,” it just means that you are considerate

3. I’m not getting “brand new” just because I have other married friends.

“Oh you get married and now you don’t know nobody anymore huh?” NO…that’s not it at all, but one of the things that naturally tends to happen is that we all start to gravitate towards people with similar lifestyles. Sometimes married people will end up befriending other married people or couples because: number one, we share some of the same issues, triumphs, and struggles and number two you end up doing so much more with your significant other that it becomes a natural progression. This doesn’t mean that your homeboy or friends are getting brand-new it just means that they have extended their network of friends and that’s okay.

4. No, I can’t be your wingman!

Look… I’ve been a wingman for the best of them, but there is nothing creepier than the wingman with a wedding ring on. First off, my mind will be too busy trying to figure out how this will be perceived by onlookers and secondly can you say awwwwkward! She doesn’t want to be entertaining the guy that isn’t available and I don’t want to end up on Facebook with a caption under it saying “look at this weirdo married guy trying to get with me.” I don’t think my wife would like me being named Creep of the Month on Instagram either.

5. New priorities

Bottom line is that when two become one then there are some things that will change. It’s not always a change in personality; sometimes it’s just a change in priorities! Besides I can’t be the cool guy in the club at midnight if I’m nodding off in the corner