Read on to find out what a guy notices about you before he decides to ask you out.

Let down your hair
You don’t have to have Rapunzel’s long locks, but a healthy mane definitely attracts men. They fantasise about running their fingers through those locks as they look into your eyes.

A genuine smile
Does your smile reach your eyes? If your answer is in the affirmative you have a reason to grin more because men are good at judging if you have a genuine smile as it says you are having fun and are relaxed.

The pitch of your voice
Studies show that men are drawn to voices in a slightly higher register because they are reliable signs of youth and reproductive health.

Your hip-to-waist ratio
If your waist is noticeably smaller than your hips, it signifies fertility something than men instinctively notice.

Your eyes
People focus on eyes more than they do on any other body part.