To get you started on the right track, we prepared a list of five items you own that you should get rid of now. Who knows, once you get going, you may uncover other forgotten crap you can get rid of. It would be a nice excuse to keep your favorite S*xiest Man Alive copy.

1. That pair of skinny jeans. Why leave those old jeans in your closet if they are causing you unneeded anxiety and depression? Sure, you hope to lose a few pounds, but who knows if that pair will fit you in the right way when that time comes. Commit to being fit and fabulous, and when you do get down to your goal size again, treat yourself to a new pair of even better jeans.

2. That useless one-trick kitchen gadget. You know the one we’re talking about. The garlic peeler, pasta cooker, banana slicer, or whatever else seemed like it could change your life. At the time, you thought it was such a good idea and would save you both time and money! Now, one use and six years later, it is still sitting in the back of your drawer taking up precious space in your kitchen. Get rid of it and use the tried-and-true basics.

3. That old makeup. We know you have a tube of lipstick circa 2008 lingering around in that makeup bag. Not only is keeping old makeup unhygienic, it can simply go bad and not apply correctly anymore. Check out this guide on makeup expiration dates straight from makeup guru Bobbi Brown.

4. That generic spice rack. Who uses all those random spices anyways? We suggest tossing out those old spices (they do go bad!) that haven’t been used since you bought the spice rack along with the rack itself. Instead, purchase only the herbs and spices you actually use and store them in nice little glass or metal jars.

5. That old cell phone. While you’re at it, get rid of all your old electronics. They are probably sitting in a drawer taking up space and there are plenty of ways to dispose of them. You could bring old electronics to an E-waste center or even sell them.