Sometimes we get stuck in a relationship because, quite frankly, it’s easier than making a move, or we are simply afraid of being alone. The truth is, though, you have every right to be happy, and unfortunately, that can mean hurting someone else and/or making some tough decisions. In addition to not being happy, here are some signs that it’s time to cut the cord and move on.


• Adultery. Whether he’s committed it or you have, this is a sign of a serious flaw. Although it can be forgiven, it can be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

• Abuse. It’s not just physical abuse; it can be mental abuse as well, such as being told you are stupid, ugly, too fat, useless, etc. Don’t let anyone hurt you or take away your self-esteem.


• He’s an addict. That can make drugs or alcohol and even sex. People also have food addictions. If you have tried to help him to no avail, you may need to step away to save your own life. It may sound selfish – “For better or for worse,” right? But if you have tried and the situation is dragging you down as well, it’s time to bust a move.

• He’s not ready or willing to commit. This depends on you and your timeline. But if you have invested a significant amount of time in the relationship, say two years, and he isn’t willing to commit to marriage, maybe you need to tell him to hit the bricks. For the ladies, you only have so many childbearingyears and you also have the right to attain your goals of marriage or a family life.

• This is important – when your partner stops making an effort to upgrade your life together, you have a problem. If he’s not planning with you for your future, the relationship’s development has stopped. Relationships take work on the part of both parties.

The point is that you shouldn’t cheat yourself on the things that you want and deserve out of life. Don’t settle for Mr. Right Now. Go for Mr. Right.