You’ve been there before. You’re in your late twenties and you meet the hot chick you think might be right for you. But hold on bro, she just might be too young for you no matter how much you think you like dating younger girls.

Plus once it’s all said and done no matter how young a fresh everything is, if you guys are not on the same page, it might eventually go to shit.

Here are 5 signs that she’s too young for you:


1. She Can’t Get Into The Spots You Can

If you guys are trying to go to a club or hit up a spot and she can’t get in because she’s not 21 yet or even worse not up to 18 *raises eyebrow*… You need to stop immediately

2. Pop culture references.

You make some references and comments to some things from back in the day and she gives you a blank stare. Yep. Too young.

3. You’ve Been There Done That

If everything she’s so excited about today was what you did 10+ years ago then you my friend are seriously robbing the cradle. All the first time drinking, getting in the club with a fake ID etc thing. If you have to start some sentences with “When I was Your Age…”, then you’re in Daddy status.

4. You have to say she’s mature for her age

Yep! If you have to say it all the time to your friends, even before they start asking.


5. She’s just too damn silly! At least to you

Let’s face it. What’s important to someone at age 18/19 is so different to what’s important to someone at 35. You guys are on different wavelengths. So if you think all the things she does or worries about are just plain silly… You might want to reconsider that relationship.

Now all this applies if you actually care about not dating someone too young. I know some guys that wont date above age 22, and that’s their preference. To those guys I say, enjoy! Make sure you pack her “barbie” lunch box every morning.