The second time around doesn’t work for everyone, but it could work for you.

The decision of whether or not getting back together is something you should consider is both personal and timely; only you (as well as your ex) can make it, but you don’t have forever. Time marches and people move on; thus, getting back together is a decision that must be made before it’s too late.

Because it is so timely, you need to know whether or not it’s something that is worth the risk. Sometimes, you’ll know that it’s not – your relationship made you incredibly unhappy and you can’t even think about your ex without wondering how to get away with murder. But, many times, getting back together is not only a possibility that is feasible, but also one that can make you incredibly happy.

Still, there may also be times when you’re not entirely sure. When this is the case, reading through the lines of the subtle signs can help you make your decision.

In fact, there are five main signs that all point to “yes” you are definitely getting back together and that Taylor Swift song can suck it.

These five signs include:

Boy likes girl, girl likes boy: Perhaps the biggest and brightest sign (a flashing neon one, really) that you’re getting back together is the fact that you and your ex still genuinely care for and like one another. It’s this love that provides a foundation on which your second chance can be built and flourish.

You want similar things: Another important factor in the decision to whether or not reuniting is a road worth taking is your future ideals: do you and your ex want the same things? Not wanting the same things isn’t necessarily a deal breaker; rather, it depends on what the things in contention actually are. If one of you wants to live in the mountains and the other wants to live in the country, you can probably work out something that suits you both. But, if one of you desperately wants children and the other breaks out into sweat beads at the first sight of a toy commercial, you may want to reconsider your reconciliation.

You can’t move on though you’ve tried: Some people are able to move on from a breakup quickly, meeting someone new and being just as happy (or even happier) than they were before. Others aren’t this adaptable; they can’t move on no matter how hard they’ve tried. If you’re in the latter category and find yourself imagining your ex in the middle of a date, comparing everyone you meet to your ex, and thinking about them even after the relationship mourning period has passed, there may be a reason: perhaps you and your ex are truly meant to be.

You’re willing to put forth the effort: Of course, there is little point in getting back together if it’s only a matter of time until you break up again. This is why it’s essential that you put forth the effort needed to change. Your ex will need to change as well, but you can’t control them – focus only on what you can control: yourself.

Your ex reciprocates your feelings: When it comes to getting back together with an ex, things aren’t always clean; sometimes, one party may want to reconcile while the other one only wants to move on. For this reason, it’s important to make sure your ex is actually willing to give things another chance before putting all of your eggs in their basket. If they aren’t, then pursuing a reunion can get really messy. Things like that are the reason the Lifetime Movie Network even exists.