5 Signs you should dump girlfriend right now

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Not all relationships are meant to last- a rather harsh reality in this constantly changing world. Breakups happen due to many reasons with the incidence of breakups only increasing over time. As such, men and women, both have different reasons to end an ongoing relationship. In this article, our focus is on the male side of things. We look at some signs you should breakup with your girlfriend. We won’t be delving into the details of how to tackle with relationship issues. Our focus will be on signs you should dump her right now.

Breaking up is definitely hard. You suddenly find yourself reflecting on a lot of aspects and assess the negativities you’ve been subject to when you were in the relationship. Let us go ahead and look at these signs you should break up. These points can also be looked upon as signs your relationship is ending. Here are 5 signs you should dump her right now. Read on…

She Lies To You Often This is one of the first signs its time to dump your girlfriend. If she lies more often than not and has lied on major issues more than a few times, its about time you took the decision of breaking up with her.

She Cheated On You Cheating on you isn’t something that deserves second thought in making a decision. If she has cheated on you, it’d only be wise for you to let go. Your loyalty was taken for a ride, true, but the ball is in your court now to finish the game.

You Don’t Trust Her If for whatever reason you don’t trust her, you must definitely contemplate breaking up with her. If you delay it, you will be the one to face the wrath of your own indecisiveness. So if you don’t trust her for whatever reason, it’d be a rather wise decision to dump her.

She Clings On To You Too Much The best kind of woman for a man is somebody who is independent, responsible and mature enough to handle things on her own. Of course a real man will not allow her to fight problems single handedly but that isn’t the point here. If she is too clingy, over dependent and fails to pay heed to the meaningful stuff you say, you must consider dumping her before your energy is completely sapped.

She Expects Way Too Much From You This kind of woman is different from the woman who expects her man to achieve the dreams he has set for himself by way of being the foremost contributor emotionally or in any other way possible. If she expects more than what you can give, you can never satisfy her. You must consider ditching her.

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