Funny men are sexy. Fact. And nothing works better, when you want to pull a girl, than making her laugh. Whilst I recognise that other attributes can be important, when it comes to the most effective way of becoming irresistible, my advice would be to relax, rediscover your killer sense of humour (come on boys, you’ve all got one somewhere) and polish up on those jokes.

Good looks? Meh … so dull. Yeah, nice to look at for 15 minutes, but you really want to get my knickers off, I mean have a long lasting relationship with me, then making me laugh – it beats a chiseled jaw any day of the week.

Don’t believe me? Here are five reasons why I’d choose a killer sense of humour over a six pack.

Funny men make you laugh 

No s**t Sherlock, kind of a given – but when you’re funny, making people laugh is your USP and everybody likes to laugh. And don’t take my word for it, researchers in Switzerland conducted a study examining the relationship between being happy and being attractive. They found that peoples’ evaluation of attractiveness was greatly influenced by the intensity of a smile expressed on the face. In some cases, a happy facial expression compensated for being considered less unattractive.

Or to put another way, the more people laugh and smile the more attractive they are – everyone’s a winner.

Funny guys know how to laugh at themselves 

To be fair, I don’t know that many international male models, and far be it from me to generalise but, hell, I’m going to – I bet they’re all a bunch of boring bastards. Why? Because we all take our redeeming attributes seriously – when that attribute is your face and body, how funny are you going to find it when you put on a few pounds and gain a few laughter lines? Not very, is my guess – and so enter, the good-looking-but-takes-himself-far-too-seriously guy.

Bore off.

Being funny makes you good-looking but being good-looking doesn’t make you funny. 

Let me explain – ever chatted to someone really good-looking only to wonder what you ever saw in them ten minutes into the conversation because they are so f***ing boring? It’s amazing what a personality can do to someone’s physically appearance – and visa versa, I’ve met men who I wouldn’t look twice at in the street but then I’ve discovered their amazing personality (read: SOH) and they become  the hottest thing to walk the planet.

Being sexy is more important than being good-looking 

Meaning that, the funnier you are, the sexier you become. Being good-looking counts for jack if you haven’t got the personality to carry it off. Similarly sexual chemistry doesn’t come from a walking talking ken doll, for most of us at least, it comes from that spark, the energy between two people – which can only develop with a connection of personalities.

Funny men are survivors

People who are funny often have a back story and have developed the ability to make people laugh as a coping mechanism or a way of endearing people towards them, this is no bad thing. Not only does it mean they are likely to be more sensitive and compassionate but that they don’t take things for granted, i.e.. You.

Good looking guys? Not so much. People are naturally drawn to those who are good-looking, so, a handsome guy is less likely to have had to develop anything in order to ‘attract’ people. That is not to suggest that all hot blokes are without a personality but that, if they have a SOH it’s born out of a stroke of unbelievable luck at having the full package from birth more than a nurtured personality.

So next time you panic about not have a ripped body, or not being tall enough, remember that, getting some decent jokes under your belt is way more important than pumping iron in the gym – *everyone* loves a funny guy.