Think you’re doing everything right, but can’t seem to find a man? Well, maybe you ARE doing everything WRONG and that’s why no dude will be with you!

1. You’re loud, obnoxious and ghetto. These reasons are so obvious.Maybe your girls think you’re a blast, but the dudes just look at you and shake their heads. At a certain point in a woman’s life, she should be able to analyze the things that she is doing wrong. You shouldn’t have to look around and see all of your friends getting married or in relationships while you’re still single. Be feminine, lower your voiceand be a woman.

2. You’re the home girl. You’re quick to roll one up, go do errands, curse and you have countless “home boys” that you are having sex with. This is a bad sign. You’re the home girl they can call to come through, smoke one with, rent a cheap motel room, have some bedroom relations with, feed you some food and send you home. This is a clear sign that you’re doing things wrong. It’s great to be useful, but not so useful that you’re being used.


3. You can’t make a good pitcher of Kool-Aid. Cooking is very important. If you find yourself with a good man, you should take it upon yourself to cook a good meal for him. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just something to let him know that he will be well fed if he chooses to be with you. Honestly ladies, men do like women who can burn.

4. You’re picky. In this day and age, a lot of women make good money and have higher expectations of men. Some women are looking for something specific, like a man that makes a six-figure salary, is 6’7″ tall and has brown chestnut skin. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want. But does he really have to be 6’7″? No, he doesn’t. Give a shorter man a chance. We’re not saying you should lower your standards – we’re saying make sure your standards are emotional and spiritual, not physical.


5. You’re not loving and affectionate. Sometimes women go through so many bad relationships, that by the time that they do meet a man that could be good for them, they are unaffectionate and distant.Don’t let your past bad relationships stop you from being a friendly, warm, affectionate and loving woman. It’s okay to show a man how you feel about him, as long as he is doing the same for you.