d, honest, and loyal – a genuinely charming fellow, some may say. Terms such as ‘love rat’ and ‘dirt bag’ weren’t made up just for a laugh you know. Many women have had the unfortunate experience of dating these time-wasters-in-disguise-as-princes on numerous occasions, and rarely does it have a happy ending. In fact, once a woman has dated one of these scheming snakes, boy does she remember it; it takes a long time to rebuild the trust that she once built up only to have it come crashing down, so being honest and loyal will go a long way in impressing her. If you’ve been a scheming little scoundrel in the past, it may be best to keep it quiet now as you have (please say you have) changed.  In such circumstances, don’t talk about how you cheated on your ex and broke her heart. This will almost definitely put your potential new flame off for good. In short, be a charming chap and you can’t go far wrong.

Male quality 2: He possesses a good sense of humour

Now, as we’ve got the serious stuff out of the way, let’s move onto the exciting part – humour. Who doesn’t love a good rib-clutching bit of humour that makes us gag for oxygen every now and again? Studies have shown that many women favour humour over looks in a potential partner, so there’s still hope for many of us yet. Just a quick flick through the lonely hearts ads shows that, indeed, a “GSOH” must be one of the most favourable traits in a man. A good sense of humour acts as a natural aphrodisiac and will turn your love interest’s thoughts about you from “okay” to “hey hey!” in less than thirty seconds.


Male quality 3: He has ambition

Men with drive, men with goals, men with a burning desire to get somewhere in life – this ambitious type of gentleman attracts women. We’re not suggesting that you should be climbing the career ladder at break-neck speeds to be deemed as ambitious, but you’ll have a much easier time winning over a woman if you can demonstrate some form of passion, objective, or ambition in life. No woman wants a man who sits around being content doing nothing, so if this is you, things need to change. Fill your life with interests and hobbies – things to talk about when she asks you what you enjoy. Identify where you want to be in life and make it happen. Women will be falling at your feet in no time.

Male quality 4: He practices good hygiene

This is a no-brainer. Whilst your rock star charm may have made the girls drool in school, slicked-back greasy hair, dirt under your nails, and tingeing the air with your body odour won’t get you in the ladies’ good books now chaps (we hope you enjoyed it while it lasted). You don’t have to rival your love interest’s beauty routine to take a pride in your appearance – just put the basic hygiene rules into practice and you’ve mastered the basics. Have a shower, trim your nails, get your hair trimmed, and wear decent clothes. Sloppy is not sexy so scrub up!

Male quality 5: He is dominant and protective

As much as women love to show their independence, scientific studies have suggested that they are subconsciously attracted to dominant, assertive men. This isn’t to say that you should make her feel intimidated and uncomfortable. No woman wants to be slowly backing into a corner as an overzealous man tries to express his affection in the form of a passionate embrace. If a difficult situation arises though, take charge and be protective over her and – as much as you may shudder with panic when you have to remove a spider from the bathroom – try your best to be fearless.