Its good to be back from 12 days exile issued to me by people in authority here in nairaland. Well, i’m here to tell those who care to hear that melting a girl heart is not as difficult as trying to explain something to a deaf but rather its as simple as what the WEST call ABC.
Ladies seems to appear stubborn but actually they are not rather they are the most emotional being in the world. So to melt a Lady’s heart you do something emotional since their heart revolves around emotional axis. So then what must you have as d quality to melt every lady heart you meet?

1. Be outstanding in all you do: Like the guys, Ladies also won’t settle for the less. They want someone who can stand out in all that he does. Let me tell you this; King David was outstanding in all he did thats why Saul even taught in the first place to give her Micah. If David was a failure nobody will consider him. If you are a farmer aim for the best; a photographer? be the best; a student? make history. You want to melt Ladies heart without stress? Be outstanding.

2. Be a man of few words: Yea, be a man of few words don’t be a talkative all in the name of been funny, however i do not imply this to mean you should turn yourself into a dumb man. Being a man of few words makes her take note of all your words.

3. Calm and Quiet : Silent they say is a killer but is it only a killer? No, but also an Heart melter. I have never seen a Lady on this planet who her heart will not melt when she encounter a calm and quiet guy.

4. Be a Visionary: Be a visionary and she is yours.

5. Action : Do things that shows you Love her more than your life alongside with things that shows you can do without her. With this confusion sets in in her heart and before you knows it she is melting.

Add yours to it