A lady should be classy and many things more, check out this list for those!

In this male dominated world, a girl has to survive (of course we are not complaining its a male dominated world!) She has to learn how to take care of herself when the man is not around/ not available.


Lets get the sleek, princess-sy attitude and more aside and learn few practical things; for our own sakes!

1. A Lady Should Learn How to Change a Tire/oil

Ladies, we drive the cars, lets not wait around when stuck! One the many things every woman should learn is how to change at least change a tire, and how to change the oil in a car. God forbids you are stuck outside town with a flat tire and your phone battery is out there is no way you can call for help, bearing in mind the deeds of armed robbers and ritualists these days,what happens?

2. A Lady Should Learn How to Cook

Men aside, a lady should learn to cook for herself. A lady should conveniently be able to ‘enter’ the kitchen and come out with appealing dishes. Eating out every day isn’t all that fun anymore sometimes a home cooked meal is just desired.

3. Learn How To Say No

A lady should learn how to say a polite NO in a firm way especially when turning down dates, free rides and more without coming off as rude or stuck up!

4. Learn How To Negotiate

A lady should know exactly how much a service for instance is worth e.g plumbing works around the house, the mechanic and so on gives us exorbitant prices for services rendered  most times ‘because we are ladies, thinking we don’t know what obtains. A lady should know how to negotiate with people so as not to be taken advantage of.

5. Learn How to Live On A Budget And Invest

Investing and not living above your means will sure guarantee financial freedom. There is nothing as liberating as being debt free!