5 Most Searched Words On Google (they will shock you)

When people use Google to do their internet searches they will generally be looking for current events. However, as time has progressed some of the most popular Google searches have disclosed how people are using the internet as well as the popular subjects that are hot. In essence, both the internet and Google (the most well-known search engine) is a typeface of data where the internet user can discover how to use things, how to purchase them and what’s going on with their favorite people. Since 2004 Google has been doing traces of the most popular search results, as they have been very see-through regarding what is being sought out.

1. Martini

It doesn’t matter if it’s food or drink, Google has quickly come to be a go-to search engine for recipe lookups. Despite such recipes for cocktail drinks as the Bloody Mary and mint juleps being so popular, it is the martini that wins out for most popular drink that Google users are searching for. Most assuredly, the explanation behind this could very well be that there are so many different modifications of the martini, such as dirty or vodka, dry, Gibson and dozens more. Some suggest that another justification stems from the last century’s popularity with the martini. Such movies as “Skyfall” from 2012 as well as books and television references may be responsible for frequently reviving such attention to this specific cocktail.

2. Oprahoprah_1

When the Oprah Winfrey show had its last season aired in 2011, lookups spiked with such searches as, “How much is Oprah worth?” and “What is Oprah’s middle name?” Before 2011, names like Donald Trump weren’t even as sought out as Oprah was, being that she’s the most-Googled person in the business world over anyone else. Although Oprah’s show is officially over, searches for her continue to dominate Google within her classification and even throughout 2012 she kept gaining recognition. It might be that this successful businesswoman is initiating her very own “Oprah Impact” on the Google search engine.

3. William Shakespeare


Since 2004, William Shakespeare has been the most looked for author on Google, leaving other writers such as Dan Brown and EL James only dreaming of having such recognition. But such Google searches for popular authors aren’t nearly as close in the race as many might suspect. In fact, Shakespeare is even more popular on Google searches than his fellow authors Mark Twain and Edgar Allan Poe who are the only ones even close. Shakespeare even receives far more recognition via Google than the Manchester United football club. But just what is it about this dead poet that generates such recurring appeal time and time again? Is it his quotes, biography and identity check or his books that are online that people are so compelled to search for? It might very well be all of these combined.

4. Michael Jordan

It would be a lie to say that Michael Jordan does not receive an outrageous number of hits on Google. Not only has Jordan been the top search for basketball players since 2004, but he is also continuously the number one athlete. This is an incredible accomplishment for a man that has been retired for years. Since 2009 Jordan’s browsing index has been persistent in climbing. This may be due to the NBA Hall of Fame induction that came shortly after his 50th birthday. Michael Jordan’s name has been used as relevancy to search engine tests, rather than his popularity which comes because of his incredible recognition on the internet.

5. Dog

It can’t be denied that cats certainly have dominion over the internet as a whole, but on Google dogs are now more favored. Since 2004 after Google began tracking the searches being used by its platform, the searches for dogs and related phrases such as “dog names” have absolutely destroyed other animal searches, such as fish, chickens, cats, horses and the like. This keeps occurring on a yearly basis as well. Google is the ultimate solution for discovering how to play with dogs, what to name them and where to get them.
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