Perhaps wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life, if not the most essential one. Brides spend many sleepless days and weeks preparing for that special day. The wedding dress, the cake, the ceremony, the wedding rings, the proper cheers and guest invitations…

People think, “what else is there to think about”! But, as many ex-brides and now married women mention, there are some triples, which are not less important, as they may either make your wedding unforgettably wonderful or spoil it irrevocably!

1. A professional event planner Danielle mentions, an important task for all brides is to remember ad thank all those people, who were involved in organizing your wedding. These may be your parents, grandparents, other members of your family, as well as flower girls and ring bearers. They are worth getting a thank-you gift, aren’t they? However, if you cannot find spare time to find proper presents, or you want to spare some money on those presents, there comes a bridal party for all organizers. Everyone will certainly enjoy a good treat, while you will save both time and money!

2. Every bride should remember about pre-wedding stresses. There will come sleepless nights, nightmares, nervous behavior, great excitement and many such like feelings. No one must get frightened of it, as many brides state, that it is quite a normal feeling to be overexcited for brides. Anyway, you are stepping into a new unknown life full of not only pleasant moments, but also big responsibilities. If you have an opportunity to take a vacation at work, just do it. In that case, you will have more time to sum up your thoughts.

3. There is one important moment, which not all brides remember. During your wedding ceremony, all glazes will be on you. As former bride Jeannie mentions, you ought to find at least fifteen minutes to stay alone with your gloom. Eventually it is your day, and you have the right to stay alone and present your gloom with a warm kiss of congratulation!

4. All brides should remember that planning a wedding is not an easy task, especially if you want it to be special and unforgettable. Pay more time to that task, save your nerves as you are going to make many difficult decisions.

5. Last of all, you must have certain plans for all possible case. What are you going to do if it suddenly rains? You must have a backup plan not to let the rain spoil your day. Consider the cases when some people may become drunk. Perhaps you will have some guests who will talk too much. For such a case there must be one who will stop it. A 25-year-old bride Terri told she had guests whose cheers were endless. On this special day there is no bride who is prepared to listen to them. Your DJ or MC must be prepared to interfere with music.