5 Flirting Action Guys Hate

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1. Using a baby voice. The problem here is twofold: beyond it being annoying, it insinuates that we find babies sexually attractive. Please don’t do this under any circumstance.

2. Taking our hats and wearing them. What you think of as “teasingly grabbing our hat and wearing it” is what we think of as “stealing our shit.” Yes, this can be super cute if we know you. If we don’t know you, you’re just someone at a bar taking things from us.

3. Obviously acting dumb as a way of initiating conversation. When you play dumb in the hopes that we’ll say, stop to help you figure out a parking meter, you run the risk of us actually thinking you don’t know how a parking meter works. And do you really want to date someone who is OK with dating someone who actually doesn’t know how a parking meter works? Think about it.

4. Playing hard to get. Hitting on someone is awkward enough as it is. Don’t send us mixed signals and make us chase you and then eventually give up and then suddenly you’re interested again. It’s exhausting.


​6. Trying to make us jealous. ​Will you succeed at making us jealous if you flirt with another guy at the bar? Yes. Will you also start a fight and/or just make us not want to talk to you? Probably. Who ​likes ​feeling jealous?